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US Clients, September 2018
"Thanks for an incredible journey around Greece. What an epic way to spend our honeymoon. Everyone want out of your way to make it a special experience for us. We particularly enjoyed the food, time on the water with the seabob toys. Also so nice to have planned just a special birthday with our favorite cake!! Thank you!"
Swiss Clients, July 2018
"Thank you so much for the most wonderful and absolutely unforgettable experience here in beautiful Greece. We loved every moment and cannot wait to come back soon. Thank you for your great hospitality, amazing food and care. Warm wishes and see you next time!"
US Clients, June 2018
“It was a fabulous trip. Just so you know, the Chef was absolutely AMAZING. It was a true 5* experience every night. We’re really tough customers when it comes to food and he was truly exceptional. The rest of the crew was delightful and eager to please for sure but I feel it necessary to comment on the food!! “
So well done to Captain, crew and Chef!!"
Greek & Italian clients, July 2018
"We consider ourselves grateful for the wonderful week we spent in the Ionio. We thank all the crew for their polite, smiling and impeccable hospitality. Thank you very much !!!!! See you again!!!! "
Clients of various nationalities, July 2018
"You were the best CREW EVER!!! Thank you for sharing amazing islands of Greece, beautiful beaches, sexy ladies and lot of Feta cheese! We will miss you “
Qatari Clients, August 2018
"That is life” and you all made us so happy to on this beautiful trip with us!! You made us love Greece much more. You were all like family and you all made us feel like home. Thank You” From TEAM CATAR"
French & Greek clients, August 2018
We had a great time visiting Cyclades. The last stop was fantastatic, the calm of the sea was wonderful… thank you to my husband for having shared his country with me/us. P.S: Thank you Chef for your great salad……your seafood pasta was excellent !!!!
“We spent a fabulous week on that boat! The team was always trying to make me happy with everything, food, service... I’m artist and the y show interest for my work, created a special relationship with me. Thank you to everyone for everything !!!”
Spanish Clients, June 2018
"Amazing Experience. It has been fantastic with you all. Thank you very much for your kindness and for being really great for us. We will talk soon!”
“Thank you. It has been a very special day. Unforgettable, unique, Bravo!!! To all the Crew. Kisses!”
“Many thanks! One of the most wonderful days of my life. Thank you to all the Crew!”
Greek & Qatari Clients, July 2018
“The crew was excellent!! Polite and ready to serve every our need. It was a beautiful experience that we will try again very soon!!! ”
US Charter Broker, May 2018
“Thanks very much for a delightful dinner and your hospitality. We enjoyed the evening. The Chef hit the ball out of the park with his creations. We know that it was not easy to do given the circumstances and appreciate everything. We look forward to seeing you again and cooperate with you.”
Spanish Charter Broker, June 2018
“.... I am glad all went great. Regards and super thanks.You are the best in Greece. Absolutely”
Greek Clients, September 2018
"Thank you for all your efforts. Everything was truly perfect".
Russian Clients, August 2018
“Thank you very much for a amazing week of boat life and exquisite food on board! A special grateful thank you for taking care of Nikita in the time of him being ill. We hope your next clients with enjoy their vacation as much as we did!!! Have an enjoyable rest of the season"
Greek Clients, August 2020
We had a great time !!!
The crew was great!!!!
Thank you very much!!!
Greek & English Clients, August 2019
Thanks to each and every crew member for making our one week on Questa e Vita super fun and memorable.
Thanks to Captain Pavlos for keeping us safe, being understanding and with a very calm air about him. He always tried his very best to satisfy our wants which we very much appreciated.
Many, many thanks to Tanya for being a super star. She looked after each and every one of us in an attentive and discreet manner and always had a smile on her face.
Thanks to Chef Tolis who made delicious food of great variety and brilliant cocktails (including some creative surprises), always with a smile on his face.
And last but not least, thanks to Billy. Always willing to help, super efficient, capable, available at all times and a positive force.
Greek & English Clients, August 2019
All crew members were super sweet with our children and we can’t thank them enough for that.
We’ve been doing this type of holidays for a few years now and this has definitely been our best experience overall!!!
American & German Clients, June 2019
We have sometimes to get away.... doesn’t matter to where. But definitely in the sea.
And then we met the fantastic Crew of Questa e Vita.
Greek Clients, July 2020
We had a wonderful time!! It was a perfect week for us and the kids!!
Cyclades for ever!!!
Thank you, everything was great!!!

Wonderful yacht and crew!!!
Awesome hospitality, we will definitely do it again!!
International Charter Broker (London Branch), June 2019
My client is really happy and he had an excellent week on board. He said tha captain is great!
Great yacht and better crew.
No problems at all.
Thank you very much for another successful charter on board QUESTA e VITA and for all your help and support
Russian & American Clients, October 2019
You are the most generous and welcoming person ever. So warm and understanding.
Thank you a million
Vassilis – Thanks a lot for Vasco, he will remember you forever.


“Oh Captain!!! My Captain!!
Dear Pavlos,
This was an amazing trip. Thank you for showing us Greece!!
Lots of love

Dear all,
Thank you. It was the best of our experiences. Tolis you’ll be a great chef, if you decided to pursue this path
Russian & American Clients, October 2019
Thank you all, for this amazing journey. Below are my few comments and reanemings concerning the days I spent in Greece.
Don’t judge me harshly, please:
The food was OUTSTANDING
The fun was never-ending
This voyage felt too short
I'd love to stay on board
I hope you’ d welcome me again

This was an excellent adventure! A huge thank you to the crew:
Apostolis, for being such an amazing chef and an energetic person;
Tanya, taking such good care of us and always being there;
Pavlos, for being such a good and humorous Captain
And most of all Vassilis, for being there and teaching me how to wakeboard. Never getting tired of driving me around and just being a very fun person
Thank you
Russian & American Clients, October 2019
A few times over the course , of this trip I meanly pinched myself, thinking whether this was real, Was it? Among the islands, the waters, the warmth with which we were surrounded, days-long and the never ending bliss of scenery, it was hard not to imagine oneself in a dream, floating on a boat or in mid air? Anyway, this may have been the best vacation we have taken as a family and is something so special that it will be difficult to repeat.
Thank you for making the last few days such an amazing pleasure.
With lots of love
American Clients, June 2019
The food is more amazing than we could have imagined. Thank you so much again.


The ship and yet crew were amazing. They are special people and we had the best time. Thank you so much.
Now we need to find a way to do this again next year!!!
Austrian Clients, August 2019
Dear Captain Pavlos,
Dear Tanya,
Dear Apostolos,
Dear Vassilis
Dear wonderful crew of Questa e Vita,

I can assure you that today each of us is sad to have to leave your vessel which has been our warm and charming floating house for the last 10 days. An extraordinary journey is coming to an end as we are about to reach our last harbour.
We would like to thank every single member of this extremely sympathetic crew for its personal and continuous endeavour to anticipate all our wishes.
Captain Pavlos you are very rapidly understood which preferences we had concerning the places to make our stops and we would like to thank you for the very calm and safe way you conduct your boat and lead your crew and also for taking care of our security at any time!!
Tanya, thank you for smiling at any time of day and night of being taken care of during our whole trip.
Apostolos, I guess your quickly understood how much we appreciate good food!! We had the chance to discover an amazing Greek cuisine. Thank you for throwing together all those delicious meals.
An last but not least thank youu Vassilis for being there at any time we needed something and for your gentle and supportive way to help every member of the crew and each one of us.
We wish you all the best and who knows, maybe we meet again or any time!!!
Egyptian Clients, August 2019
Thanks for every one, we' ve enjoyed our trip. Recommended experience....
Russian clients, June 2021
Thank you always!!
No one does for us much as you did for us, we thank you very much for the service.!!


Thank you for the boys and for all you did for us!!
All the best in your ballet career!


Amazing!! Thank you! Pepper julienne was delicious, but prawns were even better
Egyptian Clients, August 2019
Thank you so much.
We will definitely get back to you whenever we need to rent a yacht. And hopefully we will do some more charters from your firm soon
Egyptian Clients, August 2019
Thank you so much for the yacht charter. It was amazing
Bulgarian Clients, September 2019
Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the last few days. QUESTA is a great boat, but without the four of you, it would be just another boat. You bring it to life, create a truly memorable experience for all of us. The atmosphere you create of both fun and professionalism is unique. We all really appreciate it and hope to see you soon!!!
Russian clients, June 2021
It is with a heavy heart that I think about leaving..
Last week was a miraculous experience across all facets, from seeing unseen before sights to experiencing new foods and of course falling in love with tremendous service.

Deeply thankful to the whole crew for taking such amazing care of us during our trip.


I love wakeboarding with Adonis!!
Russian clients, July 2019
Many thanks to the yacht’s team for the wonderful vacations.
Despite the change in our itinerary due to weather, we have not felt any inconvenience at all. We always had a good breakfast, and amazing dinner, cleanliness and attention. Special thanks to Tania and Billy who were always there!
Their presence simply wonderful!
Captain above all deserves special praise. We would like to organize a trip for next year with the same synthesis.
Thank you!
Russian clients, July 2019
Thank you Captain Pavlos, Vassilis, Tanya and Chef Apostolis! We had such on time with all of you sailing the Aegean Sea!! The food was delicious, very delicious! Tanya thank you for taking such great care of all of us. Vassilis thank you for all of the beach trips! Captain thank you for getting us to all of our destinations so safety and easily!!
Swedish Clients, July 2019
Thank you for a wonderful trip
Excellent service and exquisite food!!
We are very grateful!!
Brazilian Clients, April 2019
Here our thanks to the captain Panos, to the chef Apostolos, to Basilis and to Joanna for letting us know the Aegean sea where lived Ulisses, Hercules, Themis, Aristotelis, Platon and so many figures who shaped the Western world.!!
Best wishes!!
Bulgarian Clients, May 2019
It's an outstanding experience, everything was of the highest quality, especially the food!!!
Many thanks !!
American Clients, June 2019
Paradise can be found in the glistening waters of the Saronic Islands… it can be felt in their seas and the serenity of their magical coves;
and can be found too in the Crew of QUESTA e VITA, the care, safety and warmth we experienced from Captain, the exquisite cuisine, beautifully created and presented, the attention of Tanya (she knew what we needed even before we did) and Billy who made every activity with joy and endless smile.
We are all grateful for all of you and Kelly for giving us the most extraordinary anniversary
XO Until next time ..
Bulgarian Clients, June 2019
English Clients, July 2021
Captain, Tania, Christos & Toni
Thank you, thank you for a fantastic week, you have all done a wonderful job of making this a trip of a lifetime.
You made Helen's 60th birthday extra special and exceeded all of our expectations.
A week we will never forget, we have made friends in Greece and had privileged to have spent the week with you all.


A massive thank you to each of you!!
You have all made this an unforgettable week!
We will never forget this experience and that is upon you!
Thank you !!
American Clients, July 2019
Thank you so much Captain Pavlos, Vassilis, Apostolis and Tanya for such an amazing journey starting with Sifnos and all the amazing recommendations and going through to Kea, your service and attention to detail was incredible. Vassilis thank you for the care tour, we will never forget it. Tanya thank you for being amazing in every way every day. You made us feel so comfortable and taken care of. Apostolis thank you for your incredible food, late night drinks and amazing conversation. Captain Pavlos, thank you for always taking goal care of us in every day, and keeping us safe and comfortable of the entire trip. We will never forget this incredible journey and you helped us create memories that will last a life time.
Huge thanks
Englsh Broker, July 2021
The yacht and the crew clients said were excellent. It’s always a delight when first-time charterers love the experience more than they thought they would – so thank you for providing such a fabulous yacht

Chef’s food was incredible – absolutely top-notch
US Clients, July 2021
I want to thank you, the best crew on this boat.
That was the best Greek experience of my life.
Hope that we will meet everyone again.
We love you


Ever since I stepped foot onto this beautiful boat I felt the love from everyone. All crew, I wish you the best and to see you again soon!!
I love you.


Thank you for making a floating home for us while we are in Greece. All crew went above and beyond to care for us, to every need and desire.
May God continues to show his face through your unselfish service to others.
May your blessings return to you 100%


So I have to say that I get see sick but the crew is just amazing, they protect me, they care of me like we family and we are!!
I love them all so much, they fight to make every moment special.


I don' t wanna leave, I really gone miss them. I wish the crew just the best and they will always stay in my heart.


Thank you all for making this trip amazing. It wouldn't be the same without you guys.
Tanya I will miss you most
Your favorite!!
US Clients, July 2021
To an amazing team!!!
You brought love, laughter, and light every day. Tania, you are a gem, Antonis you are strong and beautiful, Christos you are the best chef I've ever encountered and you are shine.
Captain what can I say, you are the best!!!
I adore you all!!
I will truly miss you!!
Dutch & British Clients, September 2019
Dear Captain Pavlos, Tanya, Vassilis and Apostolis,

We thank you for the most wonderful week, which would not have been so wonderful without such a lovely, friendly crew. The food was wonderful and we are so grateful that all our food preferences we were so carefully covered for. It is never easy cooking for people who can cook and grow their own food, so have high expectations but Apostolis succeeded.

Captain Pavlos was brilliant with his itinerary and planning making sure that the unexpected departure of my husband back to Athens was not a problem and the whole crew made sure after that that we were looked after with even more care and compassion.

Vassilis’s fishing knowledge was much appreciated by my son and his endless energy and enthusiasm was much appreciated.

Tanya is wonderful, enthusiastic and very thoughtful.

A very thoughtful, kind and enthusiastic crew who made us feel immediately “at home”, taking all our preferences into account from the moment we boarded the boat in Athens

Our Thanks
International Charter Broker (Monaco Branch), June 2018
"...First of all I would like to thank you so much for all your help on this charter! Secondly please find below the client great comments!“...It was a fabulous trip. Just so you know, the Chef was absolutely amazing. It was a true 5 star experience every night. We’re really tough customers when it comes to food and he was truly exceptional. The rest of the crew was delightful and eager to please for sure but I feel it necessary to comment on the food!!. So well done to Captain, crew and Chef!!Look forward to working with you again on another charter.”
International Charter Broker (London Branch), September 2018
...My client loved the yacht. This is his feedback:”The boat was perfect and the crew have tried to be as accommodating as possible. Also the CHEF is really good"
Greek Clients, July 2019
Excellent trip, perfect holidays !!! FANTASTIC!!!
Pavlo, Apostoli, Tania, Vassili thank you very much!!!
The yacht's team was calm, polite, helpful, with a big smile and good mood!
For us, our best time !!
Bahrain Clients, August 2019
This trip was truly amazing. My dream is to have my own boat, when I do I will defiantly choose this crew!!
Each one of you is very special and will remember you always!!
Thank you for a wonderful experience!!
Wish you all the best and hope to see you again!!
Bahrain Clients, August 2019
Dear all,
Captain Pavlos,, Tolis, Billy & My lovely Tania
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, a lovely time on board Questa e Vita! It was amazing.
No matter how much all our planning wasn’t as expected. But this wonderful experience was exactly what we needed….
You are wonderful people and your taking care of us was exceptional..
Tania, I haven’t seen anyone like you!! You are so attentive and so clean and organized my type of person! Well done!!!
Tolis, The experience of your amazing dishes and snacks are to remember for ever
Billy, you are such a wonderful helping being. Thank you!!
Pavlos, Quiet but always with a wonderful shy smile….. Tolerating being anchored all the time, showed how much patience have you.. Thank you!!
English & Dutch Clients, August 2020
Thank you so much for a wonderful cruise. Our chef Angelos produced the most amazing delicious food.. Our crew so helpful and kind.
Stay safe!!
All good wishes!!

Thank you all for making our cruise a wonderful and memorable experience.!!!
Captain and Billy guided us with such skill through the Corinth Canal in the night.!
Tania looked after all our needs so well.!
And Angelo your food has been a highlight of the last 14 days!!
Safe Sailing!!
With our best wishes.!
Greek Clients, July 2020
Unforgettable vacation!!!
We thank for your kindness, you made us have a wonderful time as a family!!
The yacht is amazing!!
Greek Clients, August 2020
We thank all the crew who helped us make a dreamy trip!
To be all well to repeat it !!
Captain, Tania, Billy, Aggelos, see you again!!!


Captain, Tania, Billy, Aggelos
Thank you for the wonderful trip!! I hope we do it again!!

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