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We Want To Do This Again!
Our first delightful surprise was finding out that we had a 58' boat with a crew of 3 and a sommelier all to ourselves. We were so spoiled! Kyle, Tim and Miranda were so much fun to be with. Our food was awesome. Hannah, our sommelier was fund and knowledgeable and brought wonderful wines. Steve had a ball learning about driving the boat. Kyle was a willing and able instructor. John loved his daily swim; Sue and Devany were happy reading their books in the shade. Tim's meals were outstanding... every meal a treat. Miranda kept us well supplied with beverages and whatever else we might want.
Great Memories were Made!
Thank you Captain Kyle, Chef Tim and Stew Miranda for a fab week aboard Dolphin Daze! Lots of great memories were made; Foxy's; a day at the Soggy dollar and a wonderful windy celebration at a Full Moon party at Trellis Bay were just a few highlights. Ava loved her scuba diving experience and Carson couldn't get enough of jumping off the top of the boat over and over again.
Thanks for all of the great memories, tasty food and delicious drinks.
Team Canada!
We will Cherish Every Memory
Wow! What an amazing fun week that was filled with so many adventures. There are too many to mention on this one page alone, so please just know that our experiences here were incredible and that we will cherish each and every memory forever! Thank you all for making it happen.
Never-ending Sunsets!
Well that was the best week ever! Thank you Capt. Kyle, Miranda and Tim for making this a week that none of us will ever forget. From the snorkeling to exploring the islands, it's been so wonderful and I never want to leave the boat. All of that topped off with incredible meals and delicious cocktails during the never-ending sunsets. I cant wait to come back again and and again.
Spectacular Meals, Music and Entertainment.
Thank you so much for such an amazing week! Capt. Kyle, thank you for keeping the ship afloat, taking us to such a fantastic destinations. Thanks Tim for all of the spectacular meals, music and entertainment. Thanks to Miranda for the delicious cocktails and being an awesome snorkeling guide and scuba instructor. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
A Wonderful Week of Memories.
You gave us a wonderful week of memories. The kids loved you!!! You were all so positive, so friendly, so pleasant and fun. We really appreciate all your hard work. It made our week so easy. I know it's not as easy as it looks, but it worked so well.
Thanks for everything.
I'm not Leaving!
I'm not leaving! But if they drag me away, know this was an amazingly special week. These families have made several special trips but nothing like this - y'all are awesome and no one will ever beat the time spent with y'all!
What an Awesome Week
What an awesome week! Capt. Kyle, Tim and Miranda were amazing guides to the BVI's. From the Soggy Dollar to surfing behind the dinghy, to snorkeling and scuba, you all made our family trip one for the ages. I can't wait to take Miranda's painkiller recipe home to have while I eat Tim's crab cakes while listening to Capt. Kyle's jokes! Sad to be leaving, but I will remember this trip forever.
The Most Spectacular Week of My Life
Now, what can I say? This trip has left me grateful beyond belief. THANK YOU to the best crew ever (from my intense research via Below Deck - that's a pretty big compliment) for the most spectacular week of my life. Cheers to everything that's already been said and for the forever EPIC memories from beginning to end. You guys are the definition of RAD. Thank you again and we'll see you all again soon!
My Clients Will Be Overjoyed.
It was good to meet you, Kyle, briefly - at the Nanny Cay office in Tortola AND, what good fortune for me to see you again at Yacht Haven in St. Thomas 2 days ago, and to meet Tim - while you dropped off guests who had just cruised with you. What lovely comments your guests uttered as they disembarked and got into the "golf cart" - some were in tears as they left..saying "we will come again!" I knew, for sure, that my clients will be overjoyed with you and their time on Dolphin Daze. (I was an eye-witness - at the right place, at the right time! WOW.) - From a Broker
Extraordinary Trio
To the extraordinary trio who truly made beautiful music together. I enjoyed every aspect of our trip from beginning to end and learned so much in between from nautical terms, culinary spices and shopping prowess. Such wonderful adventures together. I especially enjoyed my evening music lessons with Tim. I will be looking forward to seeing him on stage. I think we all bonded closely and shared so much fun and activities. We certainly felt as one family. Thank you for a fun-filled, memorable week. Happy Sails Forever
The Crew Have Become Forever Friends!
The "Old Bitties" just enjoyed a wonderful relaxed, fun trip on "The Dolphin Daze" Our crew were young enough to be our children but with the experience of true professionals. They went above board to create outings and new places to visit which only added to our enjoyment. The food by Chef Tim was super delicious and he added another of his talents by playing his guitar (after lessons from our friend the music teacher Sandy) and we had a fun sing along to boot. Amanda was a joy to be around and even created the new drink - "The Amanda" . We will return to Florida and Delaware with many fond memories of this sailing trip with 3 special crew who became forever friends!! Thank you so much
Excellent Captain and Tremendous Chef!
Kyle is an excellent seaman and a great captain. For a young guy, he knows his stuff and is a great representative of your fleet.
Tim is likewise a tremendous chef and mate. Great food, personality, etc. He’ll be a great captain. We loved them both.
Food and drinks on the preference sheet was spot on.
We would absolutely book with either of these two guys again in the future
Highest Quality Customer Service!
Let me start with this was the best trip we’ve ever been on. The professionalism of yourselves, knowledge of the area, and general customer service was of the highest quality. We would highly recommend your services to others. The meals prepared by Chef Tim were awesome, and his willingness to accommodate the kids special requests was exceptionally nice. The snorkeling, sailing, hiking, fishing were a lot of fun. The kids had an excellent time at each, as did both Kerry and myself.
Amazing Trip!
5 nights aboard with Kyle and Tim. Amazing trip on our second charter experience. A perfect mix of excitement and relaxation. We hit some great spots. Kyle is an excellent seaman and Tim put amazing food on the table. We would sail with these guys again anytime!
Great Choice of Crew!
Let's face it - there are a LOT of boats/crews out there in the charter market to choose from. So much so, in fact, that coupled with my tendency to over-research decisions, it led to no less than a week of poring over various boat features and comparing details that really didn't make a bit of a difference in retrospect. Looking back on the trip, the biggest factor that should have been considered was the crew - and I don't think we could have made a better decision for our group.

Kyle and Tim were fantastic the entire week. It must be hard to size up a particular group's dynamics and attempt to ensure that each and every person gets what they want out of the vacation - but these guys do it easily. I wasn't sure how my 16 year old son was going to do for the week. He's been the only teenager around on trips before and been fine, but every year is different and we really wanted him to have a good time. Kyle and Tim became his best buds that week, keeping him entertained in close quarters with 4 boring adults. He's said multiple times that it's far and away the favorite vacation he's ever been on - and we've taken quite a few! Kyle is a seasoned sailor and has obviously spent many hours sailing a variety of boats in his career. I learned quite a bit about sailing from him during the week and was able to spend a good deal of time at the helm. Tim is a sneaky good chef. He seems to exist primarily on chips but the meals he prepares are varied in nature and all terrific! Everyone in our party enjoyed the food tremendously and he was able to easily cater to people's specific needs.

In the end, I believe the crew makes the trip - not the boat - and you'll be happy with your choice to sail with Kyle and Tim. We all consider them our friends and would sign up for another trip with them without hesitation.
Amazing with Each and Every Guest - Captain Only Charter
My wife and I had such an amazing time sailing the BVI with 2 other couples and Captain Kyle. As it was our first time sailing the BVI’s and doing this type of vacation, we really didn’t know what to expect when we first stepped onto our catamaran. I can’t begin to explain how amazing Captain Kyle was with each and every guest. Kyle is one of the warmest, smartest and energetic people i’ve ever met. If I was rating Captain Kyle and the experience he gave each and every guest on the boat, this review would be 5 out of 5 stars (6 out of 5 if there was such a thing).

Look for a boat with Kyle. His enthusiasm, warm hearted nature and general knowledge of the BVI’s will make this experience a trip of a lifetime. I look forward to doing this again and would recommend this trip to any.
We will be Back!
My family and 3 daughters, 14, 12,10, just experienced the vacation of a lifetime and memories and stories that we will be talking about for years. So many adventures! Capt. Kyle and Chef Tim became an extension of our family on this week long trip. What amazing sailors and chef! Te bonfire dinner, the caves, finding new caves together to explore, they knew just what our family needed. We also enjoyed quiet time in the am, reading, learning about the sea and sailing. Kyle and Tim made sailors out of my kids! We will be back!
Wow, Wow, Wow, What ab amazing trip! We could not have asked for a better captain and chef. The itinerary was perfect. The food was delicious and the scenery was awesome. thank you for so many new, fun memories - we will be back!
Outstanding Chef!
Tim, I am writing to you today to thank you formally. The dishes that you prepared and demonstrated were not only beautifully plated, but your technique and the flavor of your food were exceptional. Not only did we experience dishes we had never tried, your professionalism was spot on and your personality kept everyone entertained. Thank you for the awesome food - outstanding chef!

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