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Our Family would like to thank Meliti crew for an unbelievable time, best Captain, best service and an amazing food by chef! 5 star!!!We will definitely come back again!
18 - 25 JUL 2020
Dear crew,

What a magical week! It had it all: beautiful beaches, excellent food and wine, great company and some fun sailing in strong winds. It was our first sailing trip as a family, but it wont be the last - we can get used to this.

Dearest crew,

Thank you for offering us such an unbelievable experience! Where should i start... The boat, The blue waters, the incredible food, the amazing navigation with attention to everyone's comfort level at all times, the impeccable service - but most of all your warmth & your smiles that greeted us everyday made for an unforgettable vacation!!!
We cannot thank you enough!!
Much love to our best crew <3 <3
12 - 16 JUL. 2020
Dear crew,

This has been the most amazing four days!! We feel so privileged that we have been able to get this experience in a very complex time due to the Covid-19. It has been so calm and relaxing. Exactly what we needed. The service and professionalism that we have met have been very positive, - Not to forget the delicious food. And as a really foodie family, we really enjoyed everything that chef created. Thanks also to hostess for her warm smile and patience with our mess :). Captain, we loved that we could just relax and trust you when the waves got a little wild - in our opinion :)

Thank you for everything <3
08 - 15 SEPT. 2019
Thank you for welcoming us back to Greece!! You made all of our favorite places come alive again. Everything was perfect – except the wind but you all managed it so well that it really wasn’t a big deal. Stelios – you were always calm and found great places for us to swim & SUP even on windy days – THANK YOU!! Grigoria – your food was spectacular. So hard to pick a favorite dishes since they were ALL amazing. Every day – every meal – so much put into them and they were inspired and delicious. Kat – you always knew when it was “Sprite time” and really added great energy and positivity to our trip. You were always so helpful with everything and I look forward to chartering with you when you become a Captain!
Thank you again for everything you were a fantastic crew and your positive outlooks really made our trip wonderful.
24 - 31 AUG. 2019
A wonderful trip all around comes to its end! You guys made our trip so special and memorable!! The boat was perfect, the crew even better and the food was delicious!!! It couldn’t be better!! Thank you for everything and hope to see you again!!
20 - 27 JULY 2019
Perfection requires passion, Stelios, Gregoria & Kat all have passion for the sea, the boat their work & their guests. Our vacation was absolutely fantastic!!

Thank you so much for such an amazing week, the food was so delicious and the bays were perfectly chosen, with such pretty waters. Definitely something to repeat!! You three made this trip absolutely perfect. WOW!!!!

Thank you for making this trip one of the most memorable!! Everything was amazing, it was such a good way to bring all the family together!!
13 - 20 JULY 2019
Thank you so much for the most magical vacation!! We have had such a special time as a family. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional and wonderful crew. All of you are individually fantastic people and wonderfully together. You made our trip the best holiday we have had in a long time. Thank you so much for such a special week!!
06 - 13 JULY 2019
All of the food was delicious!!!! I enjoyed every single moment on board Meliti and all the beautiful islands, especially Kithnos. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!
I enjoyed visiting all of the different islands and seeing things I would not have gotten to see on the main land. I enjoyed being on the water. The food was great!! Thank you for everything and hope to see you again!!
Our cruise was marvelous!! Captain was the best for our needs. He is a local sailor who knows the best spots off the beaten paths to find quiet coves away from the busy tourist ports. Chef has a fantastic talent!! She prepared many dishes to give us a taste of Greek cuisine. Katerina was very friendly and always ready to help with everything. Our crew was so professional on what they are doing and we cannot thank them enough. Thank for a wonderful and memorable trip!!
22-29 JUNE 2019
We had a wonderful time seeing your beautiful country, despite the change of plans due to the winds. Stelios your sailing skills made us feel safe through the high and heavy waves. Kat, thank you for your gentle communication and calming of our apprehension. And of course Gregoria…. You made it special with each meal. From the preparation to the presentation everything was delicious!! We now have some favorite recipes to enjoy when we return home!!
Thank you for everything
15-22 JUNE 2019
Stelios, Grigoria & Kat!
Thank you for the most beautiful week in the Meliti! Every day was spectacular, the food, the islands, the beaches – every moment! The crew was fantastic and thank you for making our moments in Greece so very special. We cannot wait to come back!! You have such a beautiful country and we look forward to seeing more of it!
Many blessing to the best crew <3
The Musco Family!
01 - 08 JUNE 2019
An amazing trip made so special by Gregoria, Katerina and Stelios the perfect food, attention to every detail, direction to paradise each day – We will miss you so much!!!
20 - 28 MAY 2019
Stelios, Grigoria & Kat
The best crew in Greece!! We want to adopt all of them!! The entire trip was amazing. We were provided with excellent recommendations at each location, fantastic meals, knowledge of the islands and everything we could wish we were provided.
Thank you for this experience

Stelios, Grigoria and Kat,
Thank you for the best vacation of our life!!! I think we each gained 20 pounds from all the delicious meals we ate. You made us feel like family, we have never been so comfortable with people we just met. All of your recommendations of places to visit were amazing. We hope that you will come visit us in Canada or California.
Martine + Scott

Kat, Grigoria and Captain Stelios,
We had a great time sailing with you so glad to have the BEST CREW on the sea. With your advise we were able to see many new places that we will be coming back to visit again. Thank you so much for such an incredible journey. It would not have been the same without the three of you.

Dearest Grigoria, Kat, Stelios
Thank you so much for everything. You guys are an amazing team! Unforgettable I loved every moment!!!
Alex + Dan <3

(In no particular order) Dear Stelios, Grigoria, Kat,
Thank you for being so hospitable, professional and COOL. The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The boating was so smooth and the yacht was so clean and comfortable. We will miss your wonderful faces. Have a wonderful summer.

Thank you for showing us of much of Greece.
Thank you for making every day different, exciting and special.
Thank for the amazing food especially the Halva.
Thank you for showing us amazing hideaways!
Thank you for baking bread in the middle of the night!
Thank you for being you, for being amazing!
Thank you for catering to all our needs!
18 -25 AUGUST 2018
As we first spring on the boat, we felt the good welcoming vibes. As the days passed, we’ve proven ourselves more difficult, a good sort of difficult, but still. And the crew have proven themselves more professional, caring understanding and versatile. Everyone is a personality on its own, but together, the Meliti has been the closest experience to a womb.
Thanks so much!
11 -18 AUGUST 2018
Dear super meliti crew, we had the best time with you all. We enjoyed so much your cooking Gregoria, all your traditional recipes were divine. Nicolas with his patience and kindness with all our little kids made on their time on the boat so special. Mariana thank you so much for the lovely birthday cake for Yotam, it was so nice of you to put the effort. We are waiting to meet you all in Tel-Aviv. We might change the boat or the destination, but we love to keep you as our crew <3
04 -11 AUGUST 2018
Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing vacations as we ventured throughout the beautiful Saronic Gulf Islands of Greece! Each day was a new adventure as we explored remote bays and quaint port towns. So many great memories for the family!
17-22 AUG 2020
Τέσσερεις υπεροχές μέρες στην αγαπημένη μας θάλασσα με καινούργια εμπειρία το catamaran! Από Ύδρα-Μήλο-Πολύαιμο-Κίμωλο-Ύδρα-Αίγινα-Αθήνα – Γνωστή διαδρομή αλλά διαφορετική γιατί ο καπετάνιος Πάνος ήρεμος παντός καιρού και ευαίσθητος στις ομορφιές της φύσης και του ψαρέματος! Ο chef με ποιότητα και γαστρονομικές εκπλήξεις!
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