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Previously named NADAMAS

Coffee, Chocolate (Hot and cold), Variety of Tea- Ice Tea, Milk (Low Fat and Regular) Fresh Fruits and Fruit Salads, nuts,dried fruits Variety of bread (bagels, breadsticks, biscuits) French toast,croissants,pancakes Honey, peanut butter,jam Cereal and Greek yogurt (Granola, Oats, Corn Flakes) Cold pressed juice & smoothies Cheese & cold cut platter Omelet with mozzarella, prosciutto,cherry tomatoes, rucola Omelet with caramelized onion,mushromms,corn Eggs (fried,scrambled, poached)


Fillet Solomon with asparagus, sesame and lemon sauce Linguini seafood Grilled veal fillet tagliata with vegetable ratatouille Mousaka Traditional Crete pasta ‘skioufixta’ with shrimps and estragon Lamb cooked in the oven with baby potatoes and herbs Kritharoto with shrimps, cheese and bisque Mussels and clams with tomato, lemon, parsley and potatoes cubes Cuttlefish with spinach Risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil Stuffed chicken leg with spinach ,tomatoes, cheese and groats Octopus in wine with (split peas ), Mix bbq souvlaki and kebap with traditional tzatziki ,pita and country potatoes Traditional stuffed: tomatoes and peppers with rice and minced meat

Greek salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, fresh onion, caper, feta, basilico and ‘soil’ olive Octopus salad with grilled peach , boiled zucchini, tomato, parsley and dressing of citrus fruits Healthy salad with broccoli, carrot, quinoa, tricolore peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocado, basilic and dressing ginger –olive oil Fresh salad slice cucumber, mix mesclun, mint, handmade croutons, pine nuts and vine great White and red Cabbage salad with coriander, apple or mango and dressing lemon Asparagus salad with green beans cherry tomatoes , carrots parsley , onion and walnuts Mesclun salad with potatoes, avocado, fresh onion and smoked salmon

Roll smoked salmon with cream cheese and red sweet pepper (Florinis) Tortilla with cocktail sauce, iceberg, shrimps and cucumber Mini Greek ntakos with tomato feta olives and oregano Mussels saganaki with feta and mustard Cold tomato soup with traditional feta and balsamic, Bruschetta with grilled marinated vegetable and parmesan

Mousse chocolate with strawberry and nuts, Traditional saragli with walnuts and cinnamon, Traditional halvas (semolina),

Yogurt with honey and walnuts, Fresh fruits

Sneed Yacht Charters.