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CaptainJonathan Rafano British 0
ChefJake Bell British 0
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English, basic French, German, Afrikaans

Crew Profiles:
CAPTAIN: Jonathan Rafano – British
Joined Spring 2017
Jonathan joined the yachting industry in 1998 as a deckhand on MY Idolwood he quickly moved up the ranks and Captained his first yacht in 2005 the Azimut 68S MY Jaba.
In 2007 he joined the Sunseeker 82 MY Phoebe Tres where he stayed for eight seasons. Phoebe Tres was a very successful Mediterranean charter yacht, Jonathan who also has extensive engineering experience is proud to say that Phoebe Tres never missed a day at sea due to an engineering issue.
Jonathan is looking forward to a busy second season on-board.
Languages: English, basic French

CHEF: Jake Bell - British
Joined Autumn 2019
Jake is relatively new to the yachting industry, but the experience he has accrued so far has opened his mind to unlock his true potential and he literally cannot wait to face the season with enthusiasm!
Since completing his diploma in Professional Cookery, Jake has made a determined effort to back up his career choice and has explored various avenues within the profession and taken positions in a variety of establishments including the UTC/Collins Aerospace.
Jake is comfortable preparing an array of styles and flavors to meet guests palettes and in accordance with fresh local produce.
In his spare time - the cinema wins hands down! Jake also loves to travel… oh, and cook for friends!
Languages: English
Previous Yachts: M/Y Paloma (60m)

STEWARD: Adriaan Doevendans - Austrian
Joined Summer 2020
South African born Adriaan lived in Austria for over 12 years, finishing his education and gaining valuable knowledge in high-end hospitality before moving to Spain, where after an initial stint working in luxury villas, he discovered the yachting scene, and was able to apply his skills.
Dynamic and independent are two of his strengths and he looks forward to integrating these in the busy day to day running of Firecracker life!
Previous Yachts: M/Y MQ2 (50m), M/Y Skyfall (28m), M/Y Crystal Esprit (85m)
Languages: English, German, Afrikaans

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