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September 9, 2015
Reviewed September 9, 2015
"My family of 16 Adults and 2 toddlers sailed the SY Silver Lining in Phuket. 2 days and 1 night cruising. Around Phang-Na Bay and its islands.

We were looked after by a crew of 7. That's nearly 1 crew member to 2 guests!!! Most importantly, the toddlers (1 year & 3 years) were very well looked after, protected and safe. That made our cruising stress and worry free. Thankfully! Pop the Champagne, let the beer flow and let's celebrate with Campari. No worries.

The yacht (which is a super-yacht) was luxurious and enjoyable. No one felt crammed. I think the good weather enhanced our enjoyment. The yacht anchored off various islands to let us jump into the waters, beach landings, snorkel, take the kayak out, sea-Jacuzzi, - all the toys were taken out. We all had a blast.

The chef was marvelous. His food even more so. He catered to every diet requirement or restriction (yes, my family is a motley and eclectic collection of different races and religions and dietary fancies). I salute him for his variety and ingenuity in cooking up a storm for us.

It took some doing and persuasion, but Cpt Joe finally relented and unfurled the main sail and killed the engines. Those couple of hours were the best - and made our cruising a true sailing cruise.

What else to say? I will repeat what I wrote in the Log Book.

The Silver Lining is a wonderful yacht. How does one make something so wonderful, wonderous? Well an even more wonderful crew!

Thank you Richard, Cpt Joe and your crew for a lifetime of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Sneed Yacht Charters.