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CaptainChristian ARENA Italian 1974 high school, nautical license
Maurizio MURA italian 1963 high school, nautical license
Number of Crew: 2Languages: italian, english

Crew Profiles:
Cristian ARENA
Nationality : italian
Born in Sardinia, La Maddalena 14th April 1979
Spoken Laguages: italian (mother tongue), english (good)
Education: High School and nautical license at the Nautical Institute of La Maddalena, Sardinia

Embarks: from 1997 to 2004 he was emarked in passengers ships as a sailor and Chef; from 2004 to 2008 helsman officer in american militar passenger ships in La Maddalena; from 2009 to 2010 he was Captain on italian passenger ships; from 2010 to 2017 he worked on various charter yachts as a Captain in Sardinia & Corsica with the Company Poltu Quatu Charter.
Cristian experience is of more than twenty years and during these years he acquired a deep knoledge of pleasure and charter yachts. From 2018 he is the Captain of Aspire of London with great satisfaction of Owner and guests. 2020 will be his third season on board.
He is an expert sailor with a great knowledge of this charter area (Sardinia and Corsica) and he is a serious and trustable Captain, scrupulous and prepared.
Cristian is a direct and gentle young man and he knows how to pamper clients from whom he always deserves esteem and affection.

Maurizio MURA
Nationality : italian
Born in Sardinia: Ozieri the 15th June1982
Spoken languages: italian (mother tongue), english (good)

Maurizio has a High School degree from the Liceo Scientifico of Arzachena, Sardinia in 2001.
Since 2000 he has always worked in the Marina of Poltu Quatu as a mooring guy driving local boats. Since 2015 he has held the position of sailor and tender driver for pleasure yachts over 100 feet.
He is a very serious, professional, tireless worker, with a good presence and a kind and open character. He is an excellent sailor, confident in the management of the vessel and of full satisfaction of clients and owner

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