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Milk-Coffee-Tea-Cereals- Toasted bread- Croissants- Greek Yoghurt- Butter- Marmalade- Variety of eggs- Variety of Greek Cheese- Cakes- Pancakes- Crepes-Greek Sweet Cream pie-Fresh Fruits and Fresh orange Juice.  



Starter: Scallops with mango, pineapple chutney and Vanilla oil.

Salad: Kinoa salad with baby rocket leaves, avocado and vinaigrette Ginger, served within the avocado shell.

Main Course: Steamed Salmon and mussels with cauliflower puree, beetroot jelly and mayonnaise with basil and wasabi.

Dessert: Delicious lemon pie


Starter: Dorado Carpaccio with roe of Mesologgi and cucumber and lime sorbet.

Salad: Green salad with king Crab and cocktail sauce

Main course: Paella a la Valenciana

Dessert: Pecan pie with chocolate served with vanilla ice-cream 


Starter: Traditional Greek cheese pie with herbs

Salad: Beetroot special salad with green apple, walnuts and yoghurt

Main course: Smoked pork pancetta with avocado salsa and sweet potato chips

Dessert: Cheesecake with blueberries


Starter: Peruvian potato nioki with Porto wine sauce

Salad: Greek salad in a dry bread nest 

Main course:  Rolled Chicken breast with ricotta cheese, spinach and dry tomato , rolled in prosciutto with warm balsamic vinaigrette 

Dessert: Greek sweet cream pie with vanilla ice-cream 





Starter: Basil Ravioli stuffed with mozzarella and prosciutto served with parmesan cream

Salad: Green Salad in kataifi pastry nest with feta cheese, unsalted white cheese, sorbet of lemon and olive oil with flavor of thyme

Main course: Lamb ribs with smoked eggplant puree, celery root chips and sauce with thyme flavor

Dessert: Rose apple pie


Starter: Terrine with mousse of cream cheese and fresh herbs

Salad: Colorful cabbage salad with carrot, celery and citrus fruit vinaigrette 

Main course: kebab with groats, rolled in vine leaves with Greek salsa and yoghurt sauce

Dessert: Praline tiramisu served with fresh fruits


Starter: Mille Feuille with roasted sardines in olive oil, sea urchin and  tomatoes chutney.

Salad: Colorful lentils salad with citrus fruit vinaigrette

Main course: Fish fillet with olives crust, served with stuffed zucchini cannelloni and roasted tomato sauce        

Dessert: Kasato Parfait with lemon and lime served on stuffed caramelized croissant


Starter: Risotto with leek and smoked pork in pieces and leek chips

Salad: Green salad with raspberry vinaigrette and garlic crouton with herbs

Main course: Beef fillet in sous-vide with vegetable spaghetti and mint pesto

Dessert: Banoffee  

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