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12 – 20 Aug 2018
Safe and pleasant trip in the beautiful Ionic Sea! Thank you for everything!
Thank you for a lovely trip and for looking care of us! The places were more than beautiful and we had a GREAT TIME <3
04 – 11 Aug 2018
Dear crew
Many thanks for this unforgettable week in Ionic sea!! Food was excellent the spots whwere we have been were fantastic and all together made a relaxing week!! We will be back!! Great holidays!
Dear Peter thank you very much for your effort to choose the best bays!! Well done!
Elizabeth thanks for the amazing meals you have created for us!! It was delicious one by one! We will miss it.
07 – 14 July 2018
We all had a fantastic week with you both. Peter and Elizabeth thank you for a really relaxing time on the Ionion High Seas. We appreciate the care and attention you took with finding safe places to harbor and bays and beaches to explore. All in all we had a great time and we are looking forward for coming back next year.
Thank you so much for letting us use the fantastic paddle boards and for letting us stay in the coves, despite the winds. I adored the coves and the beaches were magnificent.
Thank you Peter for a wonderful week, where we have relaxed, had great fun and have seen some beautiful coves.
23 – 30 June 2018
Thank you Elizabeth for feeding us and looking after us every day and we loved your energy for making every meal memorable and will never forget Shakira dancing on the port at Paxos and those amazing tomatoes/peppers you made for us! We are going to miss you!
Thank you Peter for keeping us safe from the storm, and for taking us on an adventure we will never forget <3
8-15 July 2017
Thank you for a wonderful 5 days aboard the Malena. We had a memorable trip around the Ionian islands and a lot of amazing experience and this because we always felt safe in your hands! We appreciate all of your patience with our ever-changing plans! Peter, your experience and professionalism is outstanding. You always gave us your opinion but never pushed it on us. You always did your best to please us and our friends on the other boat which will always be remembered and appreciated. Thank you, Ellie, for taking care of us by cooking wonderful meals and cleaning up for us. You are a very kind person! Thank you again for a most memorable experience that we will never forget!
1-8 July 2017
Thank you for the wonderful days spent on Malena sailing around the Ionian islands. We have spent beautiful days relaxing and sunbathing. The boat is very well equipped and we have been in magical places with captain who is a very skillful sailor. Our hostess was wonderful and a kind person. She has taken care of us cleaning and cooking very well. She is also a great chef as she prepared delicious dishes during our trip! We hope to come back for another magnificent Greek experience with you again and we wish you good luck!
Peter and Nadia, thanks for the professionalism and the fantastic trip!
It has been a quiet, relaxing week.and we saw amazing place.Thanks for recent recommender!
We will bring fond memories of our time in Greek islands!
Thank you!
Dear Petro and Nadia,
We had a magnificent trip with you. Thank you for the delicious cooking of Nadia! It was all beautiful! I enjoyed everything but the thing that I enjoyed more was the kindness of Petro & Nadia! Thanks for everything!
Dear Captain Petro and Nadia,
Thank you very much for the beautiful trip and for the tasty food. The hospitality was terrific. Thank you!
Dear Petro and Nadia,
What a wonderful vacation! Your patience with children, your availability, the wonderful places that you showed us, the beauty of the villages of this coast has left us terrific memories! We will remember for all the cold winter the warmth and the colors of the Greek islands. Thank again and buon vento Malena!
Dear Captain Crazze,
I hope that you had fun with us! I wish you every week you see this page and iam going to miss you Captain Crazze!
Dear Captain Peter, Dear Nadia,
Thank you for the wonderful days spent on Malena happily around the Ionian islands. We have visited places that will be with us forever . The children loved playing With the Captain and Nadia took good care of them. We always felt in very good hands and looked after all us during our 14 days on board. Malena was comfortable and everything worked perfectly. The boat and cuisine was exceptional! Thank you Captain, Nadia and Malena for the good time spend together!
Dear Captain Peter, Andriana and beautiful Malenafrom the very first moment stepped on Malena you have treated us very lovely and since than the time flied, and here we are on our last night on board. We would like to thank you for all the good memories and your hospitality. Peter you are a great Captain with a big sense of humor, you were always been available for us and you did your best, to make all have unforgettable time. With your guideless, we ve seen beautiful places, dined at wonderful tavernas , swimming in amazing waters. It was an unforgettable week for us and we would definitely come back to explore new places and to live a new adventure with you if possible. From now on you have a family in Instabul and we know that we have a friend in Greece! Thank you again for the unforgettable journey!

160201 04-11/06/2016
Thank you so much for all the care and attention you gave Adam, Bindy, Bill and I on the lovely Malena yacht. We have felt so privileged having you Peter as our skipper so confident on the boat and so knowledgeable of all the lovely islands we stopped at. We have all had so much fun including dancing on the deck, lovely meals on board and at restaurants. Such a treat for Bindy and I not to cookWe hope to join us again one day soon as a skipper. Our seven days were simply divine. Best wishes for a happy 2016 season! Thank you to Alena for her happy smile and cooking!
September 2015
Peter and Malena,
A great trip and a wonderful experience. Beautiful area and a great host and captain!

Peter you took such great care of us on Malena. Katerinas cooking was wonderful all the ladies appreciated not having to plan, shop, cook or clean up in the kitchen, now thats a vacation!! Sailing mercies to you Lee and Karen

Thanks very much for our great cruise, Peter. Yes, the ladies had a most enjoyable vacation. Katerina took perfect care of the gals! The guys also were treated to your skillful boat handling. I know they were relieved to have you do all the med mooring and choosing of the ports! A most marvelous cruise of the Ionian. Thanks again, Mike and Lee
August 2015
Dear Adriana, Dear Petros,
During these two weeks, time flew and we went from beautiful discoveries to marvelous surprises in the Ionian Islands. Our first time on a sailing boat was a success and we appreciated the kindness of Adriana, her fantastic food, the availability of Petros, the chess night of Filippo and Petros and all the swimming moments of this holiday. For me all these times will accompany us during winter and will be great memories. A huge thank you and we wish you all the best Anne

I loved the Malena boat and swimming in the bays. Thank you Petros and Adriana Giacomo, Filippo

The bays were fantastic, Adrianas food also. I love living on a boat and going around with kayak. Thank you Lisa

Thank you for the beautiful discoveries of a wonderful under water paradise! All the best Matteo
August 2015
Captain Lupo di Mare! Thank you very much for the hospitality, unluckily I spent just week on the fantastic Malena, next time I hope to stay almost the double. I was impressed by your ability (also playing cards, we forgot to play poker!) but also for your kindness and Adrianna too! I felt like being home (and a wonderful home!). Next time well have to fish something! Im sorry for my English, next time will be better! Thank you and I wish you and Adrianna all the best. Lodo (the president!)

Lodovico has already said all what I think. You are really the Captain that everybody would like to have. Malena is a wonderful boat that brought us to beautiful places. Greece is a fantastic country and you, Captain, with Adrianna showed us the best part. Thank you for everything Cecilia and Camille

Petros and Adrianna, thank you so much for this wonderful week in South Ionian Islands. Everything was perfectly organized and impressed about Petros safe control on his beautiful (maintained with love!) 52, even with sharp wind it seems hes parking a Fiat 500 in port! Have a wonderful summer Stefano

Really we had a great time together. Thank you a lot for everything. Carlo, Maria, Giacomo, Marco
October 2014
From the Cyclades (Santorini, Ios, Mykonos and Kythnos) to the Saronic bay sailing through the most beautiful spots one only dreams of.
From the most delicious homemade meals by the very very talented Isadora to the most notable sailing from our very impressing Captain Peter.
We had the most amazing trip here in Greece and we cant wait to do it again
Malena is a beauty and we hope to see all again soon.
Thank you for a wonderful and unforgettable experience and the grand finale-an American style rodeo in Greece!

With much Love,
Andrew & Greta
August 2014
Thank you Petro & Malena for a wonderful holiday! Our 10 days with you were like paradise!!! You took us to beautiful places and swam in amazing waters. Your hospitality was much appreciated as you and the crew took care of all our needs. You were discrete throughout our trip and very helpful to both adults and children. Thank you for a most memorable holiday. We look forward to another journey with you next year!!
Family Antoniou

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