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For a good Start….
Frittata Verde with Blue Cheese
Norwegian Eggs Benedict with smoked Salmon
Scrambled Eggs with roasted red Pepper and Rosemary Cracker
Italian Omelet with Mushrooms, Herbs, Sundried Tomatoes & Feta
French Toast with Strawberry Bouquet and whipped Cream
Cuban Style banana pancakes with Maple Syrup
Paradise Fruit Platter
Fresh Bread, Spreads, Yoghurts and Bacon always included!

International Lunch Samples
Chicken Paillard with Grilled Vegetables
Beef Stir Fry with roasted Sesame, local Mango & Veggies
Salad Niçoise with local Tuna Filet & French Bread
Seafood Tagliatelle in Saffron Sauce
Mexican Burritos with Guacamole and Cheese Nachos
Mushroom Asparagus Ragout with Quinoa & Lemongrass
Eggplant Coconut Stew with Curry and Cashews
Strudel filled with Spinach & Ham in creamy Herb Sauce
Insalata Caprese with Garlic Pita Bread and Hummus Dip
Honey Roasted Goat cheese Medallions with Balsamic Arugula
Steak Sandwiches with melted Brie, Tomatoes and Thyme Pesto
Mahi Mahi Ceviche
Caribbean Lobster Roll with Baby Salads & Chips on the Side
Gazpacho with warm Ciabatta Bread

Sunset Appetizer Time!
Sushi and Maki Platter with local Fish
Hummus with crunchy Veggies and Pita Snacks
Canape rolls with crème cheese and smoked salmon
Antipasti ala Italiano Selection & Crackers
Viva la France Cheese Platter with Nuts and Grapes
Brie & Pear Symphony on French Bread
Quesadillas with Shrimp & Guacamole
Bruschetta ala Romana
Mini Tuna Pizzas
Chicken Satay Skewers

Happy Hour Cocktail Specials
Painkiller….. the BVI Specialty
Pina Coladas………. a classic
Margaritas….. frozen or on the rocks
Mojito……… refreshing any time!
Dark and Stormy……. the real Sailor drink
Rum Punch……. very exotic
Lime in the Coconut…. sweet and sour & delicious!
Cuba Libre…. the topped up Rum and Coke
Vodka Martini……. classic shaken or stirred

Fresh Soups, Salads and more

Pumpkin cream soup with fresh Ginger and Croutons 
Tom Young Gung with Seafood Bouquet and Lo Mein
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with lots of Veggies
Cream of Portobello Soup with herb and cream garnish
Spinach salad with Salmon and Pine nuts
Classic Ceasar Salad
Goat cheese over Spring Salad with Pomegrant Dressing
Mussels in White Wine Sauce & Garlic French Baguette
Skewer Varieté in Watermelon
Seared Scallops in Aruguka with Mango Chutney


Tagliatelle with roasted Pine Nuts, Julienne Sun-Dried-
Tomato & Lemon pesto Sauce
Paella ala Espania
Tuna Steaks in Wasabi Sesame Crust with Basmati Rice
Slowly roasted Lamb chops with Rosmary Glaze & Herb roasted Potatoes
Coq au Vin in Bordeaux Sauce served with French Bread
BBQ Night!
Jerk Chicken, Steak selections, Corn on the Cob, grilled Veggies with Feta and much more
Creamy Seafood Lasagne on Baby Spring Salad with Lime Vinaigrette
Surf and Turf with Asparagus and Sauce Hollandaise

Dessert Selection

Creme Brulee with fresh Berries
Mousse au Chocolat made with 70% Cacao from Grenada
Crepes filled with Fruitsauce on Chocolate Mirror
Chocolate Lava Tart on Vanilla Coconut Cream
Pecan & Key Lime Pie
Kaiserschmarren…… the Austrian Emperor´s favorite Dessert!
Sweet Cream cheese dumplings filled with hot Strawberrys
Apple Crumble Pie
Caramell Pudding with Fruit Selection
Panna Cotta
Kheer….. Indian Rice Pudding with Cardamon

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