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Mediterranean Yacht Charter by Sneed Charters

MIMBAW Yacht Charters
Sneed Yacht Charters.

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Lounging on the trampoline- a great view and a great glass of wine.

Diving for beginners to very experienced.

Mimbaw is a great place for families to reconnect. Both Mimbaw crew love working with children.

We have snorkel and dive equipment for children. Also: lots of games and floaties if the children just want to relax.

Captain William & Chef Kim dive for lobster

Guests who want to sail are welcome to. Our itinerary is flexible- we sail all the windward islands and beyond.
Dolphin viewing off Mimbaw come join us to experience the ocean up close.

Mimbaw a fun Caribbean place to be.
Guests catching tonights dinner.

The chef turns your catch into sushi on the trampoline.

Sneed Yacht Charters.