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15-22 AUG 2020
Thank you for an amazing, relaxing and full filled week! Captain you have been a very good on finding wonderful places to stop, taking the kinds on the boat toys and playing endless rounds of uno! Stewardess, our kids are in love with you , you have made holidays very special for all! You are also fantastic host, very kind and fun you are a real star! Chef, the food we have had has been of an incredible standard even it was on land. To manage cook such fabulous high quality food on board that it is beyond belief! BRAVO! On the whole I just want to say thank you all for making our week so memorable and special!
13 - 21 SEPT. 2019
It is with great regret that e leave you all tomorrow, but rest assured we will carry a lot of memories of our time on Nova with her illustrious crew. Fabulous food – thanks to Akis (and thanks for your mom’s Mousaka recipe). Dina- thank you for keeping us in line and for pampering and supervising of our husbands. Captain Costas you are the best and number 1. Thank you so much for bringing us back through the storm safety. It was a wonderful adventure!! Thank you for everything!! You are an awesome crew!!
01 - 08 SEPT. 2019
You have made our week aboard Nova and in Greece one that we will never forget. Your country is beautiful, the yacht is gorgeous and the time of you made us feel like family. Our hearts are full of gratitude for all you have done for us and shown us. Your experience and hospitality guided our trip – Captain - each islands was better than the next with unique flavors. So speaking of flavors – Chef – the food was amazing!! (our pants are a bit tight) you are doing what you were made to do!! - Dina – you have hospitality in your heart. Every detail with a genuine smile and a spark for life. You really made us feel you like family and now we will miss you!!
14 - 21 JULY 2019
This is our second time with you and it has been a dream!! I was so happy to see you were all still here because you are the best team!! We love you guys and we love Nova. We will talk about this week all year long until we come back again! Love you all
06 - 13 JULY 2019
To Nova Crew:
Thank you all for giving us a special week in Greece. Captain Costas, for your expertise and professionalism!!! Akis for your amazing food we discover the best gastronomy of Greek recipes. Thank you for your creative cuisine. Dina for your kindness and dedication service, always with a smile on your face! Hope to see you soon.

23-30 JUNE 2019
Dear Akis, Dina & Costas
This was an amazing week!! We loved Greece and your amazing food!! You made our vacation the most memorable we have ever had and so special for us, our three kids and their uncle/aunt. Greece is the most incredible country and we are so happy that we’ve explored some beautiful islands with the most admired and capable captain, an award-winning chef and Dina the best hostess we could ever had!!!!
11-22 JUNE 2019
Dear Nova crew,

This trip was amazing and it would not have been the same without you guys!! You were professional, courteous, kind and just generally great people to be around. Dina, is there anything you cannot do?? You are a true jack-of-all-trades and kept everything in order. Costas, thank you for doing all of the water sports with me. My wakeboarding skills are much better. Akis, the food was spectacular. There wasn’t a single dish that I didn’t enjoy. I must have gained 10lbs this week, mostly from octopus. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.
Tommy Beres

Dear Costas, Akis & Dina,
Thank you for a marvelous trip! It truly has been beautiful and magical from the delicious food to spectacular views. I loved experiencing Greece on this amazing boat and hopping from one island to another. I am so grateful to have sailed upon the Nova and to do it with such a fabulous and hardworking crew. You all have created something so so special here for yourselves and the guests. May you do this for more years to come to allow even more people this blessing of an experience. Thank you so much for everything.
Lainey Beres

To the Nova crew – Akis, Dina & Costas,
Thank you for a wonderful experience. We had 3 generations on board and everyone of us truly enjoyed our trip to Greece, sailing and exploring the Greek islands with you. I will be forever thankful that we saw both Monemvasia & Hydra – the true Greece! Captain Costas knew just where to sail is everyday for swimming in the cleanest bays. Akis- your moussaka will remain a favorite dish. Dina you cared for all of us so lovingly, making sure we were relaxed, fresh and ready to go each day. Nova is lucky to have you! This will certainly be a trip for all of us to remember for many many years to come. We are very thankful for allowing us all to experience Greece with you! Best of luck to the Nova crew! Wishing you many more awesome of smooth sailing ahead!
Much love,
Kelly Beres
26 MAY - 02 JUNE 2019
Dearest Costas, Akis & Dina,
What a wonderful experience this has been – from the beautiful weather, to the most amazing spots along the Greek coast, and who could forget the BEST food of my life!! You three have made this family vacation the most special, and for that I cannot thank you enough. I cannot wait to come back to Greece in the future, and when I do, you 3 will be the first ones I contact! Dina, make sure to push Costas in the water when he isn’t looking, and send me a video when you do 😊 Akis, I will be dreaming of that steamed brownie + chocolate dust forever!!! Costas, keep all of those other boats in line, you are the KING OF THE SEA!
Love you all NOVA FOREVER!!
Sarah, Holmgren

The Nova crew – Costas, Akis & Dina
What a great time we had spending a week with you sailing the Greek islands! You are all incredible – From Costas knowing exactly where we wanted to go and showing us the beauty of what your country has to offer, to Akis who made the MOST INCREDIBLE AND DELICIOUS meals for us and Dina who was a fantastic hostess and become a great friend. All of you made this family trip very special and we will never forget you and the amazing time we had aboard the Nova.
All our best for your next charters and hope to sail again with you all in the future!!!!
Robert, Holmgren

Dear Costas, Akis & Dina
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful, amazing week aboard the beautiful Nova. We had been planning this trip as a family for the past 3 years and you exceeded ALL our expectations. Costas, you are a very skilled Captain and you always set us up in the very best spots – Thank you!! Akis – you are the most amazing chef. We have NEVER had such amazing food. We ate so much more than we should – diets when we get home, but it was all worth it because it was truly amazing. Dina – thank you so being such a fun and amazing hostess. Always taking care of our needs! Thank you for the wonderful massage and foot scrub. You are the best!! This trip was epic for our family and we leave with so many beautiful memories that we will remember for a lifetime. We hope to return again soon!!
Thank you for everything!!!
Kathleen, Holmgren

To the best crew – the NOVA crew – Costas, Akis, Dina,
This has been the most amazing week for me and my family. Much generosity every day, with the places you took us, the food you prepared for us, and the laughter you shored with us. I woke up smiling every day, ready to enjoy the Greek sun, water & breeze, excited to see where our next adventure would lead us. Costas - every day I was amazed to watch you work from your “office” maneuvering this boat like nothing I have ever seen. I always felt so proud to say “yes this is our Captain!” Akis – I am sorry we kept you in the galley, but you truly have a gift with food! I have never eaten so well in my life! I am thankful for all that you did for us. It was pleasure to meet you and enjoying your food!! Dina – you are the most gracious host and took such a good care of all of us while we were here. Thank you for always telling us what to see and inspiring us to walk up 999 stairs to see the beautiful view from the Palamidi castle. I also want to thank you all for giving me such a wonderful 32nd birthday celebration! I loved all the destinations and will keep my gifts close to my heart. You all are wonderful people and I hope our paths can cross again soon.
All the best from the Holmgren Family,
Allison, Holmgren

19 - 25 MAY 2019
Dina – Thank you for making me enjoy the water!
Costas – Thank you for making me enjoy the islands!!
Akis – Thank you for making me enjoy the food!
You were all AMAZING, hospitable, and made this trip unforgettable!!
XO Jason Ryan

You all ROCK!! The food was outstanding, delicious <3 The drinks and accommodations were above and beyond!! The crew was truly amazing, THANK YOU <3 We saw some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Thank you all for sharing us the Greek islands. What I love I have found it in this boat!!
Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! <3
Diana Armour

Dina, Akis, Costas
Thank you for your consummate hospitality, and thank you for sharing your love at Greece with us. I have appreciated your kindness and friendship. I will never forget this trip especially when Costas power fully said at another boat “the big fish eats the little fish”

Dear Dina, Akis, Costas
Wow what an amazing crew!!! You made our trip awesome!! Memories that will last a lifetime!
You are a world class MICHELIN level chef. Simply, some of the most amazing meals I have ever had!!

You are the best captain!! Thank you for taking us to the best SPAS, the time we spent on the boat was smooth!! So enjoyable!!

YOU ARE THE BEST!! You have the best sense of humor. Thank you for keeping these boys in check|(especially Brad!! 😊) Seriously thank you so very much!! I hope we see you again next year!!
Michell <3

Dina, Akis, Costas
THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a wonderful week. Not only did we set to see the most amazing islands, beaches and coves, we got to do it while eating the best food and with great company!! Your hospitality was something else and we could not ask for something more. We will recommend this trip to everyone. I cannot wait to see you again!!

Akis, Dina & Costas,
We couldn’t imagine a more perfect trip on a more perfect boat!!
Thank you for all the laughs and good times. Food was delicious and beautiful. We will never forget this trip
Much love

Thank you for everything!! You all have been AMAZING!! 😊 What a beautiful country I will be back!!
24 -31 AUGUST 2018
Thank you for the wonderful trip! Everything was fantastic: the crew, food (amazing!) and the atmosphere! See you soon <3
22 -29 JULY 2018
Congratulations! You have succeeded in converting us into keen sailors 😊 We all loved every minute of our week on board. From exploring ship wrecks, to diving for sea urchins, eating new and delicious dishes and swimming in new spots every day, it was magical! Thank you guys. You can make a great team and more than that you make us to come back again soon. Xxx
04 -14 JULY 2018
Thank you so much for the most incredible holiday EVER!! You guys have been so helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble for you. Thank you Captain Costas for the awesome biscuit rides and managing to get us off, (it can be a hard task 😉). Thank you Akis for the absolutely amazing food, you are an incredible chef and you are going to make it very hard for me to go home and adopt to my own cooking again ☹. Lastly thank you Dina for he countless cocktails and lots of laughs, you have been so much fun and really spoiled us. This has been a trip I’ll never forget! Lots of love
20 -27 JUNE 2018
This was the most amazing week of my entire life. This was an unforgettable trip. Captain Costas was so nice and helpful and he is an amazing captain. He always made sure the guests and the boat was safe & he took us to the most amazing/ beautiful places. I wouldn’t have asked for a different schedule than the one he gave us. He also docked the boat in the BEST places. Dina is the most wonderful woman ever. She is so kind, generous, helpful and funny (she has the best laugh). She walked around Hydra with me and my sisters and we had the most amazing time. She is great with kids and I feel so comfortable around her. Ans as for Sotiris, he is the most amazing chef EVER. I have never been so well fed in my entire life. He is also very kind. He allowed my sisters and I to make smoothies in the kitchen with Dina (which was also very fun). I will never forget the meals he made for my family. I am so sad to leave the boat but I know that I will definitely try and come back. I thank them for everything! Goodbye <3
3-10 July 2017
Dearest team Nova, reading the pages of this book proves that you are more than professionals. It is crystal clear that you treat all of your guests like royalty and it is so appreciated! Our week with you was unforgettable. The memories of private anchorings in caves that aren’t on any maps combined with the most beautifully presented and delicious cuisine will never fade! Sailing on the magical Nova lead by her admiral was amazing and transported all of us from our daily routine to a place where we could just be. You will all forever be in our hearts and a put of our extended family! Much love and appreciation.
25 June - 2 July 2017
This week we have consistently eaten the best food of our life – we love you! Also thank ou to Costas for finding us an octopus and almost killing us on the tube haha! We love your great jokes and sense of humor!! Dina we apologize for making you put up with our messy cabin for a week and promise to do better in the future, we love you lots and sygnomi! We have had the most amazing week and you all made the experience that much better! We love NOVA!
17-24 June 2017
Captain Kostas, Sotiris and Dina, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible and fabulous time we had! Our first time to Greece, it now has a special place in our hearts. We will be sure to return as god allow us! The food was perfect and amazing, your detail and presentation was phenomenal Takis! Dina I appreciate the love and kindness shown to us and our family. Thank you for taking such good care of us. May the lord continue to bless you in your lives. Thank you for sharing your kindness and hospitality to us. God bless you always! Come see us in Texas!
Costas, you are a dear friend and a treasure. The memories of each of the 14 trips we have taken together over the past 21 years you have shared your beloved Greece with us, Aegean, Ionian, Sporades, Dodecanese, Peloponese, Cyclades, Halkidiki, even Turkey and I have loved every minute of it. Somehow, each trip has been more perfect than the last. But this last trip has been special, in so many ways. Thank you my friend!
Dina & Takis,
You are the most extraordinary crewthank you for making us so comfortable and happy. Dina, you have been our leader and expert of everything! Takis, each meal was a delight-fresh, delicious and beautifully presented. Dina we loved your table settings!!! Thank you both, and I hope we sail together again!
To the incredible crew of Nova-Costas, Dina & Takis,
This trip was our bucket list and you exceeded our expectations. The food, champagne, sunsets and the exclusive bays for swimming created so many memories. We felt at home immediately and each of you anticipated our needs, even when we invited friends to the boat for an evening happy hour. Every day was very special and we particularly loved our days in Hydra, our new favorite we cant want to be back!
Dear Captain Costas, Dina & Takis,
Thank you of a trip of a lifetime. From the moment we boarded the Nova, we felt comfortable to be in your friendly and capable hands. Captain Costas you navigated through the most stunning beautiful waters, and brought us to the most magical destinations. The beautiful painting we bought of your hometown Hydra will occupy a prominent place in our home. Thank you as well for all the fun water activities you are the greatest! Dina you are super you assisted the Captain, tended to the Nova, and catered to our every need without skipping a beat, we love you!
Takis the meals that we enjoyed on the Nova were by far the most delicious we have ever had. The perfection was extraordinary, and best of allYour charming presentation!
Thank you all for your expertise, warmth and kindness, you will forever be kept, special in our hearts till we meet again
Dear Costas, Takis and Dina,
Thank you for everything! Captain Costas you had by example of take us all confident and comfortable that you get us to the perfect place! And you did! Our memories will last forever! On board Nova, great job really, skiboat and tubing!
We especially loved your hometown of Hydra!
Dina your warm welcome, enthusiasm and pay attention enhanced our experience! You are also so much fun to hang out with! You are the saltiert DOG as you do it all! We are so appreciate! Thank you!
Takis what can we sayWe have eat at some of the best restaurants through the world but by far the best gastronomic experience we have ever had was with you! You are in a class by yourself as a real culinary artist!
We love you Nova Crew!
Dear Kostas, Dina & Takis,
Thank you all so much for a magical and unforgettable trip to Greece! We will not forget the amazing food, sunsets, cocktails and laughter we all enjoyed on Nova. One island was better than the next and our kids learned to waterski which was a huge thrill for us all!!! Thank you for all you did to make this last part of our vacation so very, very relaxing and special!
Dear Kostas, Dina and Takis,
Fourth cruise on Nova : we have archived the 67 knots of Meltemi! Thanks to Kostas talent and professionalism. We had a great time, relaxing and enjoying life thanks to Dinas welcome. And exceptional lunch and meals thanks to Takis always there to please everyone!
August 2015
We had high expectations on this cruise but Kostas, Dina and Stelios you really managed to surprise us with your professionalism and the way of doing things in detail. Kostas you can be very proud of your crew! Where on earth you found lovely Dina? A person who is talented in so many ways: her positive attitude, eye on beautiful table settings, excellence in customer service and ability to be everywhere to help us all just in the right time, as if she could read our minds. Stelios is the master chef. We enjoyed every meal. A couple of times I got tears in my eyes simple because the food was so delicious and beautiful. Kostas you are a captain with high professionalism and camling personality. Your taste in music is fantastic! In Arnold Schwarzeneggers words: WE WILL BE BACK! Love, Satu, Markku, Lina, Katriina, Mikko, Klaudia & Kaius.
July 2015
Thanks to Costas for choosing always the best moorings, your patience and professionalism that are for treating with kindness and thoughtfulness, and always with a smile! And thanks Stelios for all the good meals and treats we had a great time. See you next year! Laetitia
Like the previous years we had great holidays on board NOVA and we hope to come back. A special thank you to Costas for water ski and finding us beautiful spots. To Stelios for the delicious food and Dina for the kindness and water slide. Gaspard
Thank you all for this amazing cruise. Its been 10 amazing days again. Cant wait to come back next year! Ps. Dont forget the recipe of the moussaka! Alice
July 2015
Thank you so much for a fantastic week! Even after 26 years in Greece, you managed to make me fall in love with this blessed country all over again. I wish you all success in the world as you all deserve it working 24/7 to pamper us, to spoil us to care for our every need and most of all putting up with us! Were waiting for you in Ermioni or Athens or both! All the best for the rest of the summer and always, Pamela & Dimitris
June 2015
&#922;&#937;&#931;&#932;&#913;&#931;, DINA & STELIOS,
The week was the best we could have hoped for and we had a wonderful time. For two of us, who were apprehensive about sailing trip, the whole experience was a relaxation.
To Kostis thanks for applying all your local knowledge and sharing with us all the great places in the Cyclades.
To Dina you are like us and always in good humor and managed all of our needs. Thank you!!!
To Stelios your food was amazing and you should publish a cook book. We would buy it! We have gained weight but have no guilts! Bravo!
Nova is a wonderful yacht with wonderful people.
May 2015
One word describes this vacation aboard Nova- Epic! Exceeded our expectations on every front, from the most amazing food with crazy good service. Dina Rocks and Costas is Fantastic, always a calming presence. We are a parry f 8 ( 4 couples) from the USA- Man of us first trip to Greece. I hope to return soon.
Kris & Michael
May 2015
We had an amazing time, some of the best food we have ever had and the service was impressive. First time to Greece and I cant imagine seeing it any other way.
Nick & Susie
May 2015
BEST TRIP EVER. Thank you so much for your amazing service and friendship. Too many moments that will last a lifetime. Cant wait to do it again.
Bob & Melodi Holmgren
May 2015
You are an amazing team- A force of love of Greece and the desire to host us through its beauty. Thank you sharing with us your quick to smile faces every morning for taking impeccable care of us. You made us all feel like FAMILY!
With gratitude,
Meg & will
August 2014
Dear Crew,
Thank you for the amazing week on the Nova boat. We had a great time thanks to the exceptional crew.
Thank you Costas for the beautiful places we visited the funny rides, the wakeboard and for letting us jump from the boat.
Thank you Dina for the beautiful tables, the funny nights and most of all your smile.
Thank you Costas for the delicious food, the nice dish presentation and the birthday cakes.
Overall we loved the trip thanks to all of you.
You are the best well miss you all!
Thanks a lot,
Julien, Jean, Crystelle, Benedict, Victoria, Alexis.
August 2014
The trip with the Nova was a new experience for our family, with our 4 daughters.
Exploring the Ionian Sea was above all expectations because:
The crew was great and very special
Costas brought us to beautiful little bays and caves with lots of privacy and a lot of fun for the kids.
Dina took very well care of us always with a smile
Costas cooking was amazing! We had so many local dishes, fresh fish and traditional Greek dishes. From breakfast to dinner, it was all perfect.
All in all we had a wonderful time with moments we will never forget.
We will certainly come back to Greece to make more cruises.
We all hope to see you again!
Many many thanks for a wonderful time from all of us.

Pim, Simone, Nathalie, Stephanie Charlotte and Sophie.
July 2011
"We had the most amazing time on board Nova and a lot of wind! The delicious food, the great crew and the beautiful new boat contributed to us having an incredible time. We highly enjoyed our stay here sailing to beautiful Serifos, Paros, Mykonos and so on. We will take the greatest memories with us. We'll be back !!!

Suzi, Wolfi, Aime, Elena, Phillip, Martien, and Maria, from Austria - July 2011

"We highly enjoyed our week in the greek islands...Thanks to the great crew who turned our trip to a memorable one! We will miss the delicious food of Nasos! "

Sevim, Selim, Emir, and Demir, from Turkey - July 2011
September 2011
"These few days in Nova were great.We discovered Hydra and we loved it. Captain Costa will always stay in our memories to be the one teaching our daughter Sarah water skiing for the first time. Many thanks Tara for your freshness, you were great with all our family. We will all miss these delicious meals prepared by Naso, absolutely perfect, we were all waiting for ''miammiam time!''.

Nova is beautiful, new, clean, it's a real pleasure to spend time on board. Many thanks to all of you, great boat, great team, we will fly home with great memories. For sure will see you again....."

Sarah, Enzo, Matteo, Cecile, Lionel, from France and Turkey - September 2011

"We have had the most marvelous time on board Nova and the crew live up to their name- are shining stars. Nasos will certainly be a famous chef, I want a signed copy of his book!!! Tara is the perfect hostess with a beautiful smile and, of course, captain Costas is simply the best. A first class crew on a first class vessel- absolutely fabulous! Thank you for an amazing journey and "shine on"

Best wishes and enjoy!

Ravi and Laura from U.S.A. - September 2011

My family and I thank you for an amazing trip! Best wishes!

Ann-Casey, Maria, and Chris from U.S.A. - September 2011
2 Agosto 2012
Costa, Naso & Dina

We arrived at Athens, five days ago with great enthusiasm and desire to enjoy a lot , enjoying the sea and sailing, a wonderful boat and get to know a little piece of your nice country. THANKS A LOT !!!

You made this dream reality! And you have made our holidays have been so fantastic !

We hope to come back another occasion and then enjoy again the nice food ..cooked by Nasos, the table decoration, the joy and sympathy, the manicure and dance of Dina and of course, all the care, professionalism and sence of humor of our captain Costa.

Looking forwards youve enjoyed a bit of our stay in your beautiful catamaran NOVA !!!!

With our best wishes

All the Spanish dancers

Pilar Vicente, Manolo Carlota, Vicente - Maria
6-14 August 2012
We enjoyed a relaxing cruise in the northern Dodecaneseislands.
Nova is extremely comfortable compared to its peers, with perfect layout and excellent seakeeping..
The crew has been professional and reliable in any aspect.
Food on board was delicious and better than any restaurant ashore.
Thanks Captain Costa, Nasos and Dina.

Diego, Amelia, Luigi, Benedetta, Guido and Giulia

Ps:We had a very good time and hope to repeat next year

August 2012
Dear Costas, Nasos,Dina

Thank you for the lovely week onboard this beautiful yacht.

Hope to see you again!

September 2012
Dear Costas,Naso,Dina

Thank you most wonderfully for our magic days on the Greek waters and Islands.
To the home of Odysseus and the caves and secret places upside down white trees!
Of course the magic kitchen of Naso and lots of Mousaka and eggplant made our nose and tongues happy while we enjoyed the fresh air and rising of the moon.
You managed the dance lessons, swimming and our menus wishes with pace and smiles. We made offering to Poseidon for good waters, gentle winds and private beachesin lovely settings.
Thank you again for allthe great memories and wishing you happy trips for your future as we miss our magic trip and and dream of our next voyage and Odyssey.

Unforgettable trip!!With a lot of beautiful memories with lovely companions!!

Thank you for the best time on this trip.Everything was great and we had an amazing time.We loved the food and the service!!

Matthew,Shahin ,Shahab,Elham
October 2012
Dear Costas,Dear Dina & Dear Nasos,


Costas, we had a wonderful time aboard your beautiful Nova Catamaran in between lovely nature, marvelous bays and unbelievably clear water. We were very impressed by the beauty of all the places you took us to.
Nasos, you made us most happy with all your delicious meals. Further than that you gave us the feeling of safety with your nautical skills.
Thank you for that!
Dina, we were very thankful to have you with your warm hospitality an board with us.
With a smile you fulfilled all our wishes in a very friendly way. Thank u
We are all very sure that this was not our last time on board Nova, and we can highly recommend a vacation with you

Eylem, Egil, Sarah + Thomas, Luis, Helga, Hermann
31 May 2015
One word describes this vacation aboard Nova- Epic! Exceeded our expectations on every front, from the most amazing food with crazy good service. Dina Rocks and Costas is Fantastic, always a calming presence. We are a parry f 8 ( 4 couples) from the USA- Man of us first trip to Greece. I hope to return soon.
Kris & Michael
May 2015
One word describes this vacation aboard Nova- Epic! Exceeded our expectations on every front, from the most amazing food with crazy good service. Dina Rocks and Costas is Fantastic, always a calming presence. We are a parry f 8 ( 4 couples) from the USA- Man of us first trip to Greece. I hope to return soon.
Kris & Michael
May 2015
One word describes this vacation aboard Nova- Epic! Exceeded our expectations on every front, from the most amazing food with crazy good service. Dina Rocks and Costas is Fantastic, always a calming presence. We are a parry f 8 ( 4 couples) from the USA- Man of us first trip to Greece. I hope to return soon. Kris & Michael

We had an amazing time, some of the best food we have ever had and the service was impressive. First time to Greece and I cant imagine seeing it any other way. Nick & Susie

BEST TRIP EVER. Thank you so much for your amazing service and friendship. Too many moments that will last a lifetime. Cant wait to do it again. Bob & Melodi Holmgren

You are an amazing team- A force of love of Greece and the desire to host us through its beauty. Thank you sharing with us your quick to smile faces every morning for taking impeccable care of us. You made us all feel like FAMILY! With gratitude, Meg & will

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