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Riviera 19-26 August

I am pleased to say that we have had an incredible holiday. Riviera was just what we were looking for and the crew could not have been nicer or more attentive with us and our guests. They were always making sure our holiday was wonderful. Antonino is a great captain, responsible and always making sure we had a good time. Salvatore the best chef we could have found and Teresa always looking after us. It has been just an incredible holiday!

So, thank you very much for a job well done!
Mr. S.
Simply the best!
1-8 July

Dear All,
We had a fabulous week on the Riviera. The crew was simply the very best and made each day better than the next. I could not recommend it higher for anyone else planning a similar trip. Perhaps one day we will come back for more.

Best Regards
Glen B.
Best trip ever!
We are having the best trip ever!!! the crew is spectacular!!!! they are treating us like gold and the boat is stunning. We really don't want to leave. I will recommend this boat to any client that is looking for this kind of trip.
I have to thank you so very much. My friends and I are in awe.
I forgot to mention the food!!! It is out of this world. We want Salvatore #2 to write a cookbook. We have never eaten so well. Grazie!!

A. G.
Charter RIVIERA 5-11 July 2013
I would like to say thank you for the experience. We were more than happy. The crew was sensational
Experience of the boat was beyond expectations and overall fabulous experience. We definitely will be rebooking the Riviera.

Thank you again
Riviera October 2012

We went on a cruise to Sicily at the end of September 2012. It was really very nice. We embarked in Palermo and then we visited the Aeolian islands. We have never seen a place like this!
Beautiful, especially the fantastic colors of the sea: turquoise, green, blue. The fishermen brought us fresh fish on board every day, and the very friendly and capable chef cooked them for us in all kinds of different ways. The breakfast was very nice especially the fresh Sicilian orange juice. The boat was very comfortable, spacious and well designed. We had 2 days of bad weather and the skipper, who was very good and kind, brought us in the tender to some small bays with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. We have some great swims and incredible snorkeling.
Congratulations to all the staff who with their kindness and professionalism �gave us an unforgettable week.

Everyone loved. The charter, the boat, crew and itinerary were perfect. Food was also great. Already planning next year...


Riviera 15-22 August 2010
We had the happiest week on �MY RIVIERA�- the boat is simply beautiful in its layout space and interior decoration.
But above all: your fabulous crew- for safety, sail and supple.
Salvatore always paying attention, Rita always helpful and smiling and Salvatore! His meals were the best, we will miss all of them.
We wish you a wonderful trip to the South � we hope to come back � same boat, same crew.
All the best
G. and J.
Riviera 17-21 September 2010
Now we're back from a wonderful trip in the Naples area.
Everything worked fine, especially our fantastic crew.
Salvatore is one of the best Italian cooks we met up to date. Rita was very supportive and fulfilled all of our wishes.
Also our Skipper showed us all the beautiful places in the gulf of Naples including Capri, Amalfi and so on and was very careful regarding weather conditions :)
Our vacation was really a dream and we will do it again as soon as possible.
Thank you and kind regards
Riviera July Great cruise...
We had a great cruise on RIVIERA this July out of Naples. Loved the yacht and the crew had an incredible time; the captain and his crew are delightful people to work with, the cruise went exactly as imagined and more! Thank you so much! We will be back!

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