Baltic Yacht Charters

The Baltic, like its southerly counterpart the Mediterranean, is an inland sea, bordered by Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark. Charter opportunities here are on the up, as is the area’s classic sailing scene in general, as evidenced by the new, and hugely successful, Baltic Regatta series. The Baltic includes one of the all-time great cruising grounds in the Stockholm Archipelago, a chain of 30,000 islands extending east of Stockholm. There are many charter opportunities here, ranging from a fleet of traditional Folkboats to steam-driven passenger vessels. Stockholm, in itself an archipelago capital, is a good place to start your search The Baltic is an ideal, yet unspoiled, yacht charter destination that can complement the West Mediterranean as a very different alternative European cruising destination. Plan your yachting vacation on a luxury yacht and discover amazing destinations that are teeming with rich history and culture, ethnic cuisines and breathtaking fjords. Take a yacht rental of your choice and sail to several destinations of Northern Europe. It is definitely second to none when you want to cover and enjoy more of the sights and tastes of Northern Europe in one go.

The Baltic Sea is renowned for having no fog, no tide, and no night (at least in the high season of summer). With charter bases in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Denmark, the Baltic offers a variety of cultures as well as a wide array of charter yachts, sailing yachts and mega yachts.

Baltic Sea Yacht Charter Itinerary

Day 1: You arrive at the airport in Helsinki and are greeted by your captain. He points out various interesting sights on the way back to the yacht. After taking a quick shower to revive you after your long flight, you are anxious to explore the near-by delights of Helsinki. Since it is a very compact town, there is much to see and do within a short stroll.

Day 2: The sun went down late, and you with it, and came back up very quickly and you…well, it took a bit longer. You take a quick trip to the Old Market Hall to see the early morning rush of activity. Back to the boat, the lines are thrown off, and your adventure begins. First stop: Snappertuna, about 45 miles southwest of Helsinki. You arrive there by late afternoon, with plenty of time to explore this tiny farming town.

Day 3: You decide to explore Raseborg Castle, believed to date from the 14th century, before you depart Snappertuna. Hanko lies about 33 miles to the southwest, and is known for its long stretches of sandy beaches. A lovely town to wander about, perhaps even going for a bike ride.

Day 4: You wake to the gentle motion of the ocean as you sail along. The sail to Turku is about 85 miles, though a myriad of small islands. The captain stops and anchors by one at noon, taking everyone ashore in the tender for a beach picnic. You arrive in Turku by late afternoon, in plenty of time to visit some of the local pubs.

Day 5: The morning is spent exploring Turku, and pretending you are royalty while at Turku Castle. Sail away to the Alands after lunch, where the captain chooses the perfect island in Brando group of islands to anchor next to for the night. Spend the rest of the day kayaking among the inlets, around mighty boulders and stopping on smooth rocky beaches.

Day 6: Sail to Kallskar in the island region of Kokar. Explore the Kallskarkannen rock formation and Baron Akerhjelm’s gardens. For the divers, the captain can arrange a dive with the local dive boat to explore some of the shipwrecks in the area. Finish the day by sailing on to Mariehamn, the largest town in the Aland archipelago for your last night.

Day 7: Leaving the Aland Islands behind, you sail on to Stockholm where you will catch your plane home. As the plane gains altitude, you will look down and know that next time, you will make your charter holiday 2 weeks, not one.

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