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January 2020

You have no idea how wonderful it is to be "back home" in the BVI's!! These islands stick with you, you know and make you realize how much good there is in this crazy world! Your easy going nature, and warm hospitality was perfect for two old salty sailors! Sea Chateau is clearly over the top! Thanks for all, we loved it!

Pat and Ron
New Years 2020
Byron and Dianne,

Thank you for an amazing and rejuvenating trip filled with delicious food, drinks and unforgettable experiences. It was such a pleasure to disconnect, be in the moment and forget dates and even days! Perhaps my favorite quotes when we had indeed given up on knowing the day of the week! "It's Anegada Day!!" Cheers to more Anegada days! And thank you again for your incredible hospitality. Ya'll are masters of that art. Can't wait to reunite down the road! Grenadines 2021!!

Sarah and Jeff
January ?? 2020 :)
Christmas 2019
Dear Dianne and Byron,

What a magnificent week we had in the BVI's! Thank you both for sharing your home, your TLC, your expertise, your cuisine, and your hospitality with us. Simply amazing. To end 2018 with such an awesome trip is a dream come true. You both work so hard to make everything perfect; every detail to make us comfortable and happy is attended to by you both. We certainly kept you both on your toes! :) We hope to see you both again soon. Please come visit us in NC sometime when you take a trip back to reality! We wish you all the best in living your dreams each and every day. We are inspired to cook more (use more herbs!), cook better...even maybe go to cooking school. Each and every meal was something to look forward to. It was indeed a very merry Christmas season!

With gratitude,

Sally, Norman, William and Ellen
August 2019
Byron and Dianne,

Our first sailing experience was amazing and we expect a second to follow! Thank you for making us part of your family and adding some "Boston" to our trip :)

The islands are beautiful, the food was amazing and the captain is most gracious and sets a mean table!

Tim, Linda, Dick, Maureen and Lisa
August 2019
Byron and Dianne,

This was truly a trip to remember! Thank you both for your hospitality and making us feel at home! We hope to experience our memories again on Sea Chateau one day in the future :)

Peony and Dani
July 2019
Dianne and Byron,

Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing week...and putting up with our crazy food allergies :) . We had a great time learning about the history of the islands and the culture of the BVI, thank you so much for sharing your home with us, good luck in all you do.

Many blessings,
Chris, Laurie, Molly, Dillon
June 2019
Byron and Dianne,

You two are exceptionally gracious, kind, and patient! Your culinary skills and plating would please royalty! We 100% enjoyed your company, bantoring, joking, sharing. We would love to be your guests again!! Until then, we wish you the best!

Karen and Steve
June 2019
Captain and Dianne,

Fabulous hosts, outstanding food! What a beautiful gift to have met you! Hope to hear great things from you and for your business and life together!

Janet and Carl
June 2019
We had the most amazing time with you. What you have with Sea Chateau is so special! This trip really was everything we ever dreamed of, you two made it very personable and so much fun, thank you!

Christy and Jared
May 2019
Thank you for being such amazing hosts for our first sailing trip! The BVI is such a beautiful place and you know exactly where to bring us! The meals were wonderful and so delicious. We enjoyed riding on the hammocks while sailing the waves! We loved all of your suggestions on where to eat dinners and where to go for drinks. We loved all of your accommodations and your pure enthusiasm for your charters. We could tell you both love each other and have a mutual love for sailing! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and wish you many blessings! We will be sharing our experience this trip for youear to come!

Love always,

Lawrence and Tracey
March 2019
What a beautiful piece of the world you have! Thank you for being so generous and sharing your home with us, we loved every bit of it!

Karen and Darren
March 2019
Dianne and Byron,

I am sure you could tell from our many calls and texts before we got here that we were a bit nervous about the adventure, however, the minute we arrived we knew we were in good hands. You have treated us to a perfect vacation and we are SO thankful! All the island information, perfect selection, and amazing food have kept us spoiled all week long and we are all sad to leave this beautiful location and home away from home. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and we know that with your work ethic and kindness you will find nothing but success. Thank you for fantastic trip and unforgettable experience. Hopefully the kids won't expect this treatment when we get home!

Josh, Kari, Lilly, Nate, Liam
March 2019
Dianne and Byron,

You are amazing, both as individuals and at what you do. We have been to the BVI many times but this charter was expertly and deliciously delivered. We love you, your home and hospitality. Thank you so much! And we have no doubts your successes will continue!

Chris and MG
March 2019
Dianne and Byron,

What a wonderful time with two amazing human beings! We truly enjoyed every minute and second on your home, the Sea Chateau. When the time comes, we will be back to stay with you guys in paradise. Thank you so much for this amazing adventure! Whenever you are back in the states, please know our home will always be open for you and hopefully we can show you an equally good time, we'll miss you both!

Anja and John
March 2019
What a wonderful piece of the world you have! Thank you for being so generous and sharing your home with us, we loved every minute of it!

February 2019
Dear Dianne and Byron,

What an absolutely wondrous adventure the two of you have guided us through. Our first ever family sailing vacation and one that all of us will never forget! May the winds always be at your back wherever they take you. Such a lovely time aboard the Sea Chateau with such lovely hosts! Thanks for everything Byron and Dianne, these memories will always be cherished!

The People's Republic :)
Mid February guests aboard catamaran SEA CHATEAU wrote of their charter...
Absolutely enjoyed every minute. It was an adventure that we will never forget. The islands were beautiful and the various anchorages provided great times for all. Yes, this was our first ever sailing experience so we did not know what to expect especially the sailing part. The winds and swell for the first couple of days proved “interesting" for some of us as our sea legs weren’t quite ready for that. But hey, that’s sailing and part of the experience. None the less, Byron handled the boat with great skill to minimize the impact and picked anchorages as well to accommodate. We also can’t say enough about Dianne, she handled all our dietary needs and gave us exceptional cuisine.
We would not have changed a thing!
We were very happy with Dianne’s meals and their presentation. All of our dietary needs were carefully addressed and managed. We enjoyed the food and the drinks immensely.
We discussed the itinerary with Byron at the beginning of the charter. Anchoring at a different island/bay each day was exactly what we had envisioned. He laid out the route which made sense to us. Part of the itinerary was to visit Anegada. With the high winds and swells experienced in the early part of the cruise Byron discussed with us his recommendation to modify the itinerary by not making the crossing to Anegada as the swells would make it very uncomfortable for us. He put forward alternate anchorages and we were certainly fine with that.
January 2019
Dear Byron and Dianne,

We can't thank you enough for making our vacation so successful, warm, and tasty. You will hear from us again soon to schedule our next cruise.


Byron and Dianne,

Our charter with you exceeded all of our expectations! Your hospitality made us feel comfortable; the food was delicious, the weather divine. The mix of relaxation, sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and spending time with friends amidst wonderful hosts was fantastic. MANY thanks,

Laura Jean and Asher

Dianne and Byron,

What a perfect adventure this has been! A perfect way to see the BVI! We were definitely blessed to have met you Byron and Dianne. What wonderful hosts you have been. Fabulous food and tours. Love your home! xo

Deana and Brad

Byron and Dianne,

Our time on this boat was a gift. Thank you for making it so special and perfect. We will always remember the sunsets, sailing and friendship.

January 2019
What a perfect adventure this has been! A perfect way to see the BVI! We were definitely blessed to have met you Byron and Dianne, what wonderful hosts you have been. Fabulous food and tours, we love your home!


Deana and Brad
New Years 2019
Captain Byron and Chef Dianne,

As nice as the views, islands, food, drink, and activities were, your hospitality exceeded them all.

Thank you so much for an amazing experience! We had the best time on Sea Chateau and enjoyed the meals and all the islands! Cant wait to come back!

You guys are awesome. Very accomodating to any want or need we had the entire time. Byron is awesome and very knowledgeable of all the islands and activities. Dianne is amazing and the BEST cook I've ever experienced. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing their stories and their company. Will 100% do this trip again!

David, Heidi, Will, Leah, and Kathleen
December 2018
Dear Dianne and Byron,

Thank you for making Anthony's 40th birthday trip an unforgettable experience. The sailing, snorkeling, food and adventures were the BEST. Thank you for sharing your boat with us and showing us such special places. We all fell in love with the BVI's. We can't wait to come back and sail with you! Safe travels and know you always have a place to stay in Colorado!

Christine and Anthony

A super big THANK YOU Byron and Dianne for helping us celibrate Anthony's 40th birthday :)

Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your sail free. Yes, we did on the Sea Chateau!

Million thanks!

Chad and Shellene

Captain Byron and Chef Dianne

Amazing!! Not sure what else to say. Can't imagine sharing such an amazing place with better people! Wow! We love you!

Aleks and Jason
September 2018
Dear Captain Byron and Chef Dianne,

Thank you for filling out souls, our spirits, our hearts and our tummies with goodness and the magic of the islands. You have a love and joy of what you do and that is very contagious . Thank you for opening up your beautiful home to us and sharing your experiences. This will be a trip we will cherish and remember always. Come see us in Atlanta or Berbuda so we can reciprocate one day!

Much love,
Katherine and David
September 2018
Queridas Byron and Dianne,

You both are amazingly sweet and dear people with great skills that make hospitality have a whole new definition. Thank you both for opening your home and hearts to another stellar and most remarkable vacation we've had. Always remembering your beautiful smiles and hospitable spirits.

Susanna and Christopher
September 2018
Captain Byron and Chef Dianne,

Thank you for the best family vacation ever! This is a trip that we will never forget! Your hospitality was over the moon. Thank you for doing everything you did to accommodate the children and make lifetime memories. We are so blessed to have this opportunity and grateful that you were a part of it! We will definitely be back for trip #3 :) Grenada, The Grenadines, etc were amazing, best to you both!

The Watsad's

Carlton, Shannon, Amelia, Knox, and Emma
August 2018
Dianne and Byron,

What an amazing experience! You are an adorable couple and gracious hosts! Thank you for sharing the islands and your home with us!

Many blessings,
Marian Family
August 2018
Thank you so much for hosting us crazy ladies on the Sea Chateau! We loved all you did to make such a memorable trip, can't wait to be back next year!

Heather, Rich, Gina
August 2018
Captain Byron and Dianne,

Our first sailing experience was amazing. Suspect a second to follow! Thank you for making us part of your family and adding some "Bostonian"! The islands are beautiful, the food was amazing, and the captain is most gracious and sets a mean table!

Tim, Linda, Dick, Maureen, and Lisa
August 2018
Lord Byron and Lady Di,

The "SHE" Chateau was Shell-er-iffic! Thanks so much for memories of a lifetime. We appreciated your hospitality so much! Calm seas and smooth sailing!

Marian, Jo, Kimberlee, Heather, Erin, Lynne-Holly
July 2018
Dear captain Byron and chef Dianne,

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and your in providing my family with such an exceptional adventure. It has been my desire to get my family out on the water sailing for sometime now, and to be able to share that time on Sea Chateau made it extra special. Dianne, thank you for being the gracious host that you are! Your meals filled us up as did your smile, your conversations and your warm welcome. Byron, your sailing expertise was clear to see before we left the dock. You gave us the adventure go being on the high seas without feeling the slightest bit of concern. You made my family feel safe, secure, and special. As a dad and husband I can't thank you enough, sir, you were always there always ready. It was a pleasure to sail with you. God speed!

Frank, Rhonda, Ryan, and Sammy
July 2018
Byron and Dianne,

Thank you so much for a perfect week!

Everything was wonderful from sailing and snorkeling to the food! We highly recommend your charter to anyone! Sadly, all good things must come to an end, good luck on all your future ventures!

Safe sails,
Gina, Scott, Cici, Tyler, Tripp
June 2018
Dianne and Captain Byron,

Many thanks for the beautiful memories created on your beautiful Sea Chateau! Your boat, delicious food, and fellowship are most memorable!

Carol and Bob
June 2018
This was our first BVI charter experience for all six of us and it will not be out last. The beautiful tropical scenery may have been damaged by the hurricanes, however, the spirit of the islands prevailed.

We enjoyed spending time with our hosts Byron and Dianne and wish them the best on future endeavors.

Looking forward to next time!

Jeff and Janet
Williamson, Moore, Chavez May 2018
Byron and Dianne,

Thank you so much for the best time we've ever had! The food, the tours, the family feel was wonderful! We wish the very best for yo both and we would love to sail with you guys again!

Sabrina, Travis, Dean, Brooke, Lynne and Mike
Brock, Mahaffey, and Farish May 2018
For our first sailing experience, it was amazing! The food was just wonderful. We enjoyed how you two are living the dream!

Joe Mahaffey and Renaie Farish

Thank you so much for a beautiful experience. Everything was much more than we expected. All the best to you in your adventures in life.

Major Wayne and Melinda Brock
Jarvis/Levin April 2018
We fell in love with you and the Sea Chateau this week. We are a forever changed family because of this experience. You showed us what it looks like to live a dream. Thank you!

Love, Jill, Kelly, Willow, and Saylor
Seaman's March 2018
So glad we did this trip! The sea turtles were just an added "perk" to the amazing views, food, and fun. We will never forget our time aboard the Sea Chateau. You two are simply wonderful. We loved the sailing and making of wonderful memories! #underselloverdeliver :)
Belcher's March 2018
"We truly enjoyed every minute! Thank you! For making our first charter so special and memorable. All the best to you! Can't thank you both enough for your hospitality. You guys are easy company. Can't wait until we see you again!"
January 2018
Dianne and Captain Byron,

Thank you for guiding, protecting, and feeding us this past 7 days! You will always be a very fond memory to us, Much love and success for the future.

You are always welcome for a visit in Texas :)

Gary and Vickie
January 2018
Dianne and Byron,

“We consider Barend and Dianne our friends as it was a pleasure to get to know each other better every day.”

Tom Dalinda
January 2018
“Barend’s knowledge of the BVI and his willingness to customize our trip such as letting us stay later than planned at an island was truly appreciated.”

January 2018
“Our group had complicated dietary restrictions and Dianne accommodated them flawlessly.”

Tom and Sharon
June 2017
Dianne and Bryon,

What a brilliant way to spend a holiday. We had the time of our lives! X

Sandra Slack

Sneed Yacht Charters.