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Seasonal fresh fruit salad

Hot bread buns

Greek yogurt

Cereal bars

Greek sausages from Drama

Eggs (Omelet/Hard boiled/ Poached/ Fried / Scrambled)

“Rizogalo” rice pudding


“Bougatsa” cream pie from Thessaloniki

“Strapatsada” from Corfu

Coffee, tea, milk, orange juice


Snacks & Appetizers

Homemade pies

Cold potato soup with fried leek

Aubergine rolls filled with katiki Domokou cream cheese

Greek zucchini balls with yogurt dip

Grilled Mastelo cheese from Chios with quince jam

Shrimps, marinated with coriander, ginger and lime



Traditional Greek salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions, feta cheese, caper leaves and olives

Mixed salad with orange, pine nuts and balsamic vinegraitte

Chicken and grilled vegetables salad

Beetroot salad with yogurt dressing and walnuts

“Spanakopita” salad, with feta cheese dressing


Main Courses

Wide selection of traditional Greek main courses (Mousaka, Pastitsio, Stuffed vegetables etc.)

Squids cooked in wine sauce

Cuttlefish with spinach and fennel

“Kokkinisto” veal, with tomato sauce, wine and aubergine puree

Corfu “Pastitsado” rooster with bugatini pasta



Greek coffee Pana Cotta

Lemon/orange/vanilla/chocolate cake

Chocolate pie with hazelnut cream

Brownies with caramelized walnuts


Chocolate soufflé with kaimaki ice-cream

Blueberry cheesecake

Traditional Greek deserts (Galaktompoureko, Walnut pie etc.)



Fresh fruit smoothies


Cocktails (Margaritas, Mojitos, Cosmopolitan, Porn Star, “Baklavas” cocktail, cocktails with Mastiha from Chios, etc.)

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