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1.Sea bass fillet with greens of greek land    

2.Grilled king crabs with orange vinegraite

3.Beef tagliata with bearnaise sauce ang grided potato saute

4.Tuna fillet with red cabbage braise

5.Fresh cuts of the day 6.Greek bbq night

7. Slowly cooked pancetta for 24hours  with sweet potato puree

8.Greek way risotto with orzo,shrimps and fennel  SALADS


1. Mesclan salad with fresh crabmeat,avocado and citrus fruit vinegraite

2. Greek salad in our way

3.Spinach leaves with bacon vinegraite,chicken fillet ang cretan graviera cheese

4.Cyclades garden with local cheese

5.Rochet leaves with melon,feta cheese and balsamic vinegar vinegraite.

6.Bio lentils with greek aromatic herbs  APPETIZERS


1. Watermelon with feta cheese brulee

2.Stuffed white eggplant with greek prociutto,local 'IOS' cheese and pistacio from 'AIGINA'

3.Tuna tartar with mastiha

4. Fesh fish carpacio with extra virgin olive oil

5.Santorinian fava with grilled octupus and fried caper leaves.

6.Calamari with fesh basil and sun-dried tomato DESSERTS


1.Praline mousse with crunchy chocolate bites and homemade banana ice cream

2.Apple pie with caramel sauce

3.Traditional 'galaktoboureko'

4.Pineapple carpacio with white chocolate mousse and greek coffee crumble

5.Cold melon soup with 'kaimaki' ice-cream


 6.Lemon tart with thyme and greek bio honey

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